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Perfect Situp, Perfect Push-Up, JackRacks, Total Gyms...someday we'll probably make a website dedicated solely to the hundreds of As Seen on TV fitness products that are out there. Because for every one product you've heard of or have seen on TV, there's at least 4 out there that you've never heard of.

Here at As Seen on TV Life, we'll not only look at the ones you've seen on the television over and over and over and over again, but we'll also look at the ones who are using more of a grass roots marketing campaign.

Why? Because it beats being in front of a computer all the damned day!

Have a product you'd like us to work out on? Let us know!

The MET-Rx 180 is latest element to the MET-Rx nutrition empire. It comes complete with the packages at-home fitness buffs have come to expect...many DVDs, simple resistance bands, a calendar, fitness guide & schedule.

Welcome back to the world or tension and resistance training. We were starting to wonder what happened to all those workouts. The CoreBody Reformer is a subscriber to the approach all the while throwing in their own wrinkles that makes them all their own.

Started in 2010, Tommie Copper is a line of compression clothing invented by Tom Kallish. They are infused with copper (periodic element #29 - where the 29 in the logo comes from). Tom's inspration came from the aches and pains he was developing during his weekend warrior trips. He wasn't getting any younger and his recovery time was taking longer. Tell you what, there comes no better inspiration for a product then when the inventor himself wants to use it.

The Fluidity system is based off the workouts that ballerinas use to get in shape for performances. What separates the system from a simple bar is that it switches positions and allows for posture improving for beginners. The system also comes with DVDs and workout balls to train, instruct and provide stability.

Mashup your exercise bike together with an elliptical machine and you get a Hybrid Trainer. Ingenious really, especially for those who don't have 3,000 sq. ft. mansions on the golf course. The trainer also comes with an LCD display with heart monitor, target pacer and 14 built in workout apps to mix up the routines.

It's the latest in the long line of NordicTrack workout machines. This one is different to the other machines because of it's ability to simulate steep inclines, much like road courses and off-road running - the fun kind.

They say that when Chuck Norris performs a roundhouse kick he creates his own gravitational pull. Where did Chuck Norris develop the ability to wield such awesome power? Well, he's had a Total Gym since 1974. We'll let you draw your own conclusions...

Obsidian Fitness is centered around the black-colored slide board. The workout DVDs provide some variety to a workout and the gloves are for effect unless you plan on using barbell weights during the routines and don't want calluses.

[Review] Push Up Pump. Push It Real Good

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I just saw a buddy cancel her membership to the gym today. Made me sad. I won't see her around much. But she said she had better alternatives including some equipment at his home.

One day I swear I'm going to swap out this executive chair for one of those ab machines and see if the swaying and all that other gyrating will help. Always wanted to do it since the AbRocket days. Now, I want to do it again thanks to the Rhythm Rocker.

Best Price Comparisons. Reviews almost funnier than ours.

Try it. Bookmark it. Make it a part of your research arsenal.


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