Suck It Up! Just a Few More Vacuum Reviews to Read & You’re Done!

What was more fun on Saturday mornings: cartoons, donuts or As Seen on TV vacuum infomercials while waiting for your grandparents to drop off the donuts? We’d say, “yes.”

It’s with that same zest that we look at the infomercial vacuums when they come our way.

We’ll check the product specs, third party reviews, video reviews and anything else we can get our hands on before we publish them for you. And we have the comments below if you want to talk about them with other readers!

Have a vacuum you’d like for us to look at? Let us know!

Offer details & such: 1-1pay and 4-pay options available. Sales tax: May apply. When we first started building this site out, I was down in Southwest Florida with my grandfather, getting some time away. Every morning he would mop the porches, kitchen, dining & bathrooms with is floor sweep. He went through two of them […]


Price: Amazon:  ~$139.99 & up with nice S&H discounts (vacuum only). ~ $242 w/ Bonus items. Includes: Bonus Items (optional at Amazon) – Light & Easy Steam Mop, Backsaver Attachment & Swivel Head. Why I’d Want a Shark Navigator Pro I’ll admit, the Shark Navigator Pro intrigues me. Any company that has the foresight to […]