[Review] The Trillion Dollar Coin Proof - Just as Insane as the Proposal

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(official affiliate link)

Offer details & such: 1 coin - $10 + $6.95 P&H. Sales tax:  CT. Guarantee:  30-day money back (less S&H). Notes:  Please don't use it in a vending machine.

This might be the first time in our history where absurdity of a souvenir night be less than the absurdity of the actual entity of which the souvenir represents. A trillion dollar coin? Really? It's took on some incredible heat. We're feeling a bit blessed by the checks and balances of the nation to have the Treasury step in and say, "uh, really?" They say they've printed a couple but here's to hoping that it stays out of circulation.

Want a Trillion Dollar Coin?

Twenty bucks won't be the way to attain it. The wealthiest people in the world couldn't even purchase one. BUT, you can own a souvenir of one. Let's see how bad the damage is...

What Is the Trillion Dollar Coin Proof?

It's the coin that will save you soul and pay all your bills! Duh? Where the Hell have you been? It'll save social security, stop North Korea from testing nukes, bring John Lennon back from the dead and prevent churches from ever having to ask for donations. It'll be available in the candy cane aisle of your local grocers and will be available in seed form in the fall - the trick is keeping the weeds out.

Or...it sits on your shelf and looks pretty and reminds you of a funny story you heard on every major news network - and the Colbert Report.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to mytrilliondollarproof.com (official affiliate link) , the Trillion Dollar Coin tribute proof claims the following features and benefits:

  • Tribute to what some say is "the perfect solution to America's debt crisis
  • Authorized by an act of congress (turned down by the Treasury)
  • An incredible amount of zeros in 1 trillion
  • Statue of Liberty looks pissed on proof
  • Not available in stores at the time of this review

Does The Trillion Dollar Proof Work? Review of Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams...

Order Process:  One product, one shipping cost, one state pays taxes - sort of like real life. Just be proactive when reading the upsells after you submit your card thereby purchasing the product and you should be okay. 

Product Performance:  Seriously. The first one of you who bitch on here about the coin being too big for a vending machine will be made much, much, much fun of. The first of you who yell, scream, whine and moan that you weren't able to sell it for even a million dollars at a pawn shop will be heralded as the silliest as people. The first of you who get upset that you can't cash it in at the bank will be have their picture posted on every "I'm a dumbass" website from here to the other side of Titan. The first of you to whine that, "this isn't a real Trillion Dollar coin," will simply get sent videos of facepalms. Many, may facepalms.

Consulted Sources Included...

Final Thoughts - What to Expect...Perhaps

I expect that some political rant bloggers will be infuriated with the product, saying it's profiting off our nation's suffering. I expect others to think that they're getting some official collector's item that they'll be able to cash in on at the end of the year. Then someone will be enlightened enough to say that the product is as valuable as a real trillion dollar coin. Then I suspect that John Stewart will purchase one, display it proudly on his desk and then say, "it's the same f#ckin' thing!"

But we don't expect it to ever been treated as a collectible. Souvenir? Sure. But collectible? Nope. But niche items have been known to surprise us before.

Customer Service:   Phone: 1-203-299-3340

Where to Find The Trillion Dollar Proof

(official affiliate link)

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