Tommie Copper Compression Clothes [Review] – Should We Run With Them?

by nat finn on January 27, 2013

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My feet are propped up on the desk. It roll them every few minutes to help aleviate the cramping of my hamstrings as I get back into shape slowly. I have put away my LiveStrong compression gear for the time being until I learn the fate of the non-profit. My Nike stuff feels to corporate but I can’t stand Under Armor.

I first started checking out Tommie Copper as it would appear on infomercials while I’d hit the gym down in Southwest Florida. Spring is around the corner and I’m hoping I continue to shrink my waistline. If I do, I’m going to want new clothes. I hope at the end of this review that I’ll be proud to put on some Tommie Copper. In the meant time, if I like it, I’ll ask my cousin to try them while running his marathons.

What Is Tommie Copper?

Started in 2010, Tommie Copper is a line of compression clothing invented by Tom Kallish. They are infused with copper (periodic element #29 – where the 29 in the logo comes from). Tom’s inspration came from the aches and pains he was developing during his weekend warrior trips. He wasn’t getting any younger and his recovery time was taking longer. Tell you what, there comes no better inspiration for a product then when the inventor himself wants to use it.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to, Tommie Copper compression gear claims the following features and benefits:

  • founded in 2010
  • worn by those seeking relief from aches and pains
  • machine washable and dryer safe
  • most comfortable compression available
  • helps stabilize muscle tissue

Video: Tommie Copper pitchmen Montel Williams waring Tommie Copper

Does Tommie Copper Work? Review of Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams…

Order Process: The order process has been clean. The website is a classic shopping cart site. They sell products, not an offer as do most As Seen on TV products. Pick the size you want with the size chart, the types of products and go to town. Make sure you don’t press enter through the upsell stages and you should be good to go. After 3 years the watchdog sites have stayed silent. It’s a rare thing to happen. We’ll take it.

Product Performance:
We don’t think we’ve ever seen such a positive reaction to a product line of any kind as we have with Tommie Copper. Runners are willing to admit to wear them and love them. The only thing we’ve seen in the reviews are that sometimes the knee sleeves will start to sag after awhile. But everybody is built differently and the body changes over time.

A line of compression wear that isn’t Under Armor and isn’t Nike and people like sounds great to us.

Consulted Sources Included…

Final Thoughts – What to Expect…Perhaps

This s*** looks pretty cool. I hope my cousin tries them out so I can report even more. A shout out to the bloggers for their candid reviews. One thinks they become perfectly desensitized to all the products in the industry but once in awhile something comes along that gets you excited all over again. I hope they continue to grow because we like the direction they are headed. Tommie Copper made fans of us.
Customer Service:

Tommie Copper
Shipping Department
181 Marsh Hill Road
Orange, CT 06477

Where to Find It

phone: 855.692.8291

  • Like products – (official affiliate link). Shop & compare offers while you’re there.

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