In need of a good Therassage [Review] from Tony Little

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Original product site offer details & such: 1st - $19.95 + $4.95 S&H, 2nd - $9.98 + $4.95 S&H. Sales tax: Florida. Guarantee:  Lifetime. Pay $4.95 S&H to replace.
Bella's been having issues with her legs. Her calves & lower back have been shaking and going numb. We've been checking her subscriptions and diet and after awhile we realized the problem wasn't in her diet, it was in her posture. In this case, it's the fact that her office chairs are too tall and what happens is that often she ends up using her tip toes to touch the ground. It's amazing how often the back is affected by one's feet. We walk, we run, stomp, hop, jump, all the time taking for granted the pressure that shoots up our back. Theramassager works to fix all that from the ground up. And if you're here looking for the back massager, take a moment to check this rendition of the product that has the same name but the extra s . You might find you've stepped into a simple solution to your problems.

What Is Therassage?

The name is a combination of theraputic massagers for feet. They're insoles that are meant to improve posture, keep stinky feet cool and helps properly distribute the pressure that comes down on the foot.

The key to them is supposed to be the gel that's chillin' inside the paddings - which in themselves are flexible. Just don't expect to pull them out of the soles and start playing around them as if they were actual massage gel. And if you do, please, for the love of all things Holy, don't send us pictures. 

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to, Therassage claims the following features and benefits:

  • lightweight & cool
  • fits in most shoes
  • trims easily for fit
  • redistributes pressure
  • massages every step

Does Therassage Work? Reviews, News & Issues from Bloggers, Vloggers & Other Key Industry Sites...

Order Process:  The product site's order process is relatively straight-forward. We got a little confused when they tried to explain the offer details i the footer but we thing we worked it out. The product site offer is not a true BOGO. The first one is a price with shipping price. The second one is half-price with shipping and handling. The guarantee is lifetime, but to replace the souls. And to do that it's about $5 shipping ($4.95). Pay attention to your clicks through the upsell process and the order process will be therapeutic.

Product Performance:  The majority of the reviews we found were on HSN. When Tony Little was running as the pitchman, they had many great reviews. Tony doesn't seem to be in step with them anymore but the product performance seems to still carry the value. Looks like the product view is still walking and talking proud. 

Consulted Sources Included...

Final Thoughts - What to Expect...Perhaps

Honestly, we don't have a clue what to expect. This one is catching us a little off-guard. what we are hoping to hear is that Tony Little picked the Therassager for a great reason, that he walked a mile in the manufacturer's shoes and decided to finish the race with them.

  We expect we'll get people coming here looking for the back massager - or the companies that run by the same name. We hope that on their journey they take a moment realize that many back issues start with posture and stance and can be fixed by something as simple as the shoes they use to walk in. And if they uncover these treasures, we hope they come back and tell us about them.

Product Site Customer Service:   Phone: 888-756-9769 Email:

(official affiliate link)

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