TELEBrands was founded by AJ Khubani over 30 years ago. 

Who is AJ Khubani?

AJ Khubani was the man who first coined the phrase, "As Seen on TV." Blame him or praise him, whichever you chooser.

The Father of As Seen on TV and his company have helped hundreds of products enter the market over the years. TELEBrands products can now be found in over 120 countries. 

They do more than just sell the product. They'll help develop it, advertise it, test it, and even help get it to stores.

As AJ himself is  quoted on his website :

“I’m lucky that I found my calling, something that I’m really passionate about. I get excited when I see new products. I get excited when I see something we produce and put on TV and then people respond to it. The key to our success is that everybody in this company gets excited about what we do every single day.”

Keep on, keepin' on, AJ. May you help keep our world bright for each and every one of us. So bright, we'll have to wear your original Ambervision Sunglasses - except me. I'll stick to my Maui Jims.

Diamond Z4 Ring - What Is Flawless CZ?

Posted on: Jul 05, 2012 at 02:11 - comments
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Ok. Before we even begin, let's cut to the chase: Are the Diamond-Z4 Rings really flawless diamonds? Well, let's answer it: Is the price $20 or does the decimal point go to the right? No. It stays $20. It's not diamonds. But is it fun and worth the money?

Snap-On Feathers [Review]. Thank You, Las Vegas?

Posted on: Nov 16, 2011 at 01:56 - comments
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Anyway, the Snap-On Feathers definitely has that night club feel to it. IT comes with flare, sass and pop culture pitchmen. Will all the association lead up to an accessory worth toting around in your hair? Let's look and see.

Bake Pops [Review] & a Little Practice

Posted on: Nov 11, 2011 at 01:23 - comments
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When we got the Tasty Pops reviewed this summer, we thought we'd seen the last of these products. Not because cake pops aren't cool, they are. It's because we underestimated the market for cake pops. Leave it to TELEBrands to prove us wrong.

Damnit! We were hoping it was a Slap Chop. Why? Because we were hoping we could do a comparison page. But as it is, the Slice-O-Matic is not a Slap Chop. Why would we think that since one has 'slice' in the name and the other has 'chop' in it? Because we weren't thinkin', we were hopin'.

Ever worked while taking care of your grandfather? Mine just had heart valve transplant surgery. He's like most of us and doesn't want to be alone all day but sometimes he needs to sleep. Even if it's in the chair. My Zone Headphones would come in handy here. He falls asleep on the couch per doctors orders, I can still hear the Cubs game (yes, we still watch despite their horrible season).

Ever been stung by a bee at a summer picnic while taking a sip out of your pop / soda? For me, it was my mother's company picnic. Ironically, they got rid of the soda fountain taps the year before because of the bee problem. I even put the tab over the lid. Oh, ****, did that hurt. I'll be so bold as to say I've liked Bottle Top since it first came out in 2009 (at least, that's when I first saw it). I don't drink pop like I used to. I don't drink out of cans like I used to, but I like the thought that there's a product out there that actually protects those cans because I never want to go through that again.

Holy Three Cheese Hell-mlet , Who hasn't yet talked about Happy Hot Dog Man? Seriously, at this point I'm waiting for a Presidential Conference on this because it's everywhere.

So, yeah, by the way, in the upsell process it appears you can purchase the whole set so be prepared for that. You might want it!

Chef Basket @ w/ RoboStir. Will It Leave You Boiled, Steamed, & Deep Fried? - As Seen on TV Life reviews the Chef Basket.

My complaint is that it's Anthony Sullivan pitching the product now instead of Billy Mays. Not that I don't love Sully and I understand that the price point changed, but still...(I still miss Billy).

Best Price Comparisons. Reviews almost funnier than ours.

Try it. Bookmark it. Make it a part of your research arsenal.


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Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver [Review] (Damnit. I Already Used my Lowe-Down Pun)

Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet [Review] - The Lowe-down

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Mighty Sealer Vs. Flex Seal. Is It a Fair Comparison?

Snuggie for Two - Couple Snuggies for Date Night (Bleh!!!!)

Favorites & Classics

Decompressing w/ Dr. Ho's Back Belt [Review] - (I could have said, "pimpin' ").

Before I'd ever use a product like Dr. Ho's Back Belt, I would consult my chiropractor - who I haven't seen in awhile. What we found is that most people wouldn't take such an approach...

[Review] NutriBullet - It's Better Than Your Blender Because???? WTF?

I would swear that the NutriBullet is just a Magic Bullet with a different plastic skin and fonts & iconography. I assume that if I want to make veggie smoothies I could just use a Magic Bullet, but apparently I can't. Or something like that. I'm still looking.

Review - InstaBulb w/ Anthony Sullivan - Another Classic My Grandfather Used

This is one of those times where my grandfather bought something he wanted to see on TV and it was a great idea. I went into the garage and click the switch when I realized the light-bulb didn't look like an ordinary light-bulb.

Neutrogena SkinID [Review] - Free Skin ID Evaluation

With so many acne products out and about, on television, on the shelves, at the impulse counter, next to the Redbox and vending machines...It's enough to make one wonder as to why the competition is so fierce. Is it because no single product works well enough? Or is it because people have a hard time telling which product works for them. Maybe Neutrogena is onto something with the SkinID.

Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome?

Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome? Or was it Awesome Auger inventor Tommie Matasko and his inspiring story that lead to the Auger's invention? Please visit the As Seen on TV Life Summary Review and find out.

ZorbEEZ! Some Billy Mays Products Should Live Forever!

Before Vince came out with his copycat ShamWOW and his Time/Life operator headphones, there was a super-absorbent cloth that took care of the chills and spills your clumsy day created. And all you needed to know was that Billy Mays thought it was awesome.

The Recent Articles

Flex Seal Colors [Review]: Damn, is that truck inspired by Yellow Submarine?

Gawdamned Flex Seal. Four years later, we’ve had clear, brite, and now 9 additional colors to add to the arsenal. So, I guess it only goes to ask: is it worth the hype? And, can one color match?

What makes Smart Skewers so, you know...yeah.

One has to practices when it comes to such a delicate art form. So, when it comes to Smart Skewers, we wonder: does it allow for such precision? Let’s turn up the heat and find out...

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