[Review] Sticky Buddy & Schticky - That Sticky Roller Market Must Be Intense!

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Original web offer details & such: Pending on which one you roll with. BOGO: Available in assorted sizes. Includes:  Vince & Sully dukin' it out! Sales tax: So dangerous you'll have to sign a waiver :-) Guarantee:  This is gonna be good.

I thought Christmas came late this year when I came back from Southwest Florida to find that VINCE was back!!! I thought without nothing left of Billy Mays to copy - and only so many updates to The Underground Comedy movies to make - I thought Vince was done. 

But, no, I should have known:   Vince don't know how to quit.  

And this time around with the Schticky, Vince & company is in an unfamiliar position despite his history with prostitutes :  They're the ones being copied! 

Things always go better with Jabooody Dubs

The copycats:  TELEBrands &The King, Anthony Sullivan! Really?!?! The King?   Their product:  Sticky Buddy, the "#1 Sticky Roller in America" at the time of this writing. according to NBC News affiliates & PRNewswire ... but we'll get to that! Either way:   Wow, turnabout is fair play!

But how fair is this play?

Well, let's find out!

The best part:  this product feud has only just begun.

What are Schticky & Sticky Buddy?

The Sticky Buddy & Schticky are now the two heavyweights in the who knew it was so competitive sticky roller market. They both claim that their products stick and pick up stuff and are easy to clean and go without the need for paper and are perfect for pets and because they don't require batteries they're the perfect alternative and...yeah, you get it.

Put them behind your back and you could actually tell the difference. The reason:  because the Sticky Buddy has a little tiered top that looks like a little golf cleat cleaner to help go after the crap that's embedded into carpets and couches and layers of cart fur.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to Shticky.com, Schticky claims the following features and benefits:

  • Works on a variety of fabrics:  wool to velvet
  • multiple surfaces w/out need for vacuum or broom
  • gets hair of a variety of fibers
  • cobwebs beware
  • sticky when wet and other 80s hair metal titles
The Copycats:  Sticky Buddy! Their claims and benefits for the most part :
  • remove hair, crumbs, lint, mothers-in-law
  • the fingers reach deep into carpers and so on
  • safe on couches, clothes, mothers-in-law
  • smaller sticky buddy take wherever
  • cleans in seconds

Does Your Product Work? Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams...

Order Process:  So far, both products seem to be off to a fresh start as far as customers initial ordering process. We're wondering if it's going to stay that clean since both sites are BOGO and sometimes customers don't get that initially. The thing to note is that on both product sites you'll discover that both sites are running full offers:  long and short variations of their products.

Product Performance:  Fluffy stuff out there right now. Lots and lots of fluffy stuff. If our experience tells us anything, you'll probably get your money out of the use of these products but they're probably not going to be the longest lasting products you'll come across. But pet groups seem intrigued .

Sticky Buddy & Schticky:  Which Would We Choose?

Well, before we'd pick one over the other - and not saying that we would, we'd like to point out a couple nuances about this battle. Why? Because even though "The #1 Sticky Roller in America" sounds impressive, if we got impressed every time some claimed #1 at something, then in that case we're writing the #1 comparison in the country between Sticky Buddy & Schticky. But the thing to really look at is by which the basis is founded:

  • For starters, the source quoted is JW Greensheet . JM Greensheet is a good company with a decent website website and we look at it often, but JW Greensheet tracks infomercial SPENDING! Not quality or performance. Want to be #1 on that list? Spend a million dollars in TV during a week and you'll get close. If you read the press release close enough you'll see that wording. And Sticky Buddy ran heavy TV right about the time Schticky dialed down their spend (probably because Schticky ran a test run to see it was worth going full blast on it). So, making #2 as opposed to #50 isn't that big of a deal. Now, compare it at the end of the year and see who spent more. Now that would be something. Given this PR ploy, we expect Vince to come back swinging haymakers.

  • As for the story being picked up by news affiliates:  the Press Release got pumped through PR Newswire, probably as part of a PR Web push though there are other companies where doing a paid online press release will get you in. Want in PR Newswire or those affiliates/ Spend a few hundred dollars and do a paid press release submission - the new favorite SEO trick of many in a post Google Panda world. Reading the NBC affiliate link will have you point out that they even say their source is Telebrands. This wouldn't be the first time TELEBrands created a news story for effect . Our take:  WE LOVE IT! Keep EVERYONE on their toes!!!
  • The final thing to note is that if you go deeper, it isn't so much that TELEBrands & Sully copied Vince so much as NEITHER ONE OF THEM are the original sticky roller people. As far as we can trace it, the original sticky roller pitch woman was this lady (Source:   infomercial-hell.com )

So - Who Would We Pick?

Both! And here's why...after the CS info!

Customer Service:   Schticky: Phone: 1-877-378-8211 Email: Schticky@webcsr.info

Sticky Buddy 79 Two Bridges Road Fairfield, NJ 07004

1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST)

The biggest Schtick of all...

The reason we'll say, "Both," is because we think Vince's Biggest Schtick was to get Sully to create a competing product feud in hopes that this confrontation would cross-promote each other! We've met both of them. They've both been in the game awhile and these two products came out WAY toooooo close together. WAY TOOO CLOSE TOGETHER! 

Don't get us wrong. We HOPE This is what they did and that they come up with more stuff to compete against in the future! We can't get enough! Hell, we hope Sully is the brains behind this Schticky parody!

Buuuut whatever you do to get in on this fight, make sure you have TELEBrands' permission before putting their commercials on youtube!

Please Let Us Know Your Thoughts!

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