Spraywhite 90 Tooth Whitening Oral Hygiene w/ Kelly Monaco

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Price: 1 10-Day Whitening Kit for $39.95 + $9.95 Shipping. Offer comes with 30 day money-back guarantee.

I know it's time to go back on the search for the best teeth whiteners when people ask me how much coffee I drink. 1) It's not coffee, it's iced tea. 2) I KNOW!

A pretty convenient time to have SprayWhite 90 come around. And, if I don't go with it, it's been nice seeing Kelly Monaco's Spraywhite smile.

Claims - What is Spraywhite 90?

Some teeth whitening systems uses dental molds. Other teeth whitening systems use strips. Spraywhite 90 uses, yup, a spray and 90 seconds of swishing to whiten teeth.

According to WowSpraywhite90.net, Spraywhite 90 can do the following:

  • Capable of Whitening Teeth up to 7 Shades in 90 Seconds
  • Gentle Mist Technology - Safe for Teeth & Gums
  • Used by 1000s of Dental Professionals
  • No Messy Strips, Bulky Trays or Expensive Office Visits
  • Reduces Sensitivity
  • Convenient - Fits in Purse, Pocket or Briefcase

And includes the following:

  • 10-Day Supply of Spraywhite 90 Whitener Spray
  • WOW Enhancing Oral Rinse
  • Spraywhite 90 Spray Applicator
  • Teeth Shade Guide

How Does Spraywhite 90 Work>

According to Spraywhite90deal.com, the active ingredient in Spraywhite 90 is Hydrogen Peroxide. When the formula hits the teeth it begins breaking down into water and oxygen. When the chemical reaction happens, the formula takes the stained particles with them. The result is teeth start to become white within seconds.

But, Wait, Isn't Hydrodgen Peroxide a Bleach?

Oh, yeah. It very much is. They even put a disclaimer on the FAQs page because of it. So if you do an application and don't get all the stains out on the first try, don't be so gung-ho as to go right after them. Too much bleach on teeth results in sensitivity, potential breakdown of teeth enamel (yeah, that' bad). It's a self-applying product. Photoshop white smiles aren't worth the pains of having to eat white bread the rest of your life because your teeth are too sensitive. Use a little discretion and, according to the product site, you should be just fine.

Review - Spraywhite 90 Complaints, Fraud, Rip-Off, Scams...

At the time of this writing, SprayWhite 90 isn't one of those big As Seen on TV-pushed products. The movement is more online and grass roots. It's been seen on NBC's "The Doctors" as well as featured in magazines including Marie Claire (source - Spraywhite90deal.com). The upside is that the reviews look positive (if you can get through the fluff). There isn't really anything negative popping up online about the product, but as its popularity grows that could change.

If you end up having issues or have questions, let us know. We'll see what we can do to get the information to the right folks.

Where to Find Spraywhite 90

Please let us know!!!!

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