LiveBlog: Discovery Channel’s PitchMen, Season 2, Episode 5. “From the Jaws of Victory.”

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So long as the biggest blizzard of early 2011 doesn't knock out our internet connection, we'll be liveblogging Discovery Channel's "PitchMen," at 7pm EST tonight.

According to Discovery Channel's Episode Guide, here's what to expect for tonight:

"Sully sifts through thousands of inventions to find a robot whisk, but design problems loom. A man's desire to make his wife's life easier leads to a sharp food wrap invention. And a fitness fanatic pitches Sully gravity-defying workout boots."

Update:  products featured: RoboStir Wraptor Teeth

"what I'm looking simple solutions to common problems..." - Sully

First products... Dust Bunnies - like Shuffles but for just dust Game Cloak - Snuggie w/out opens for video games Hotdog Slicer Dicer (because a knife doesn't work?) - Original Locks - locking gloves together for the lunch

What's he picking (guessing none)....NONE

Sully's still going with Kennedy when it comes to finding products...good success so far

Product possibilities...

extension cord with an LED on the end...Sully's thinking about it.

Wraptor Teeth....clips on edge of door to cut plastic wrap. (Discovery animation time...) Sully likes it, but....what's the price point? Owners saying their getting 2 for $14.99...Sully wants to dance.

Kennedy likes the inventors..."What did I tell you? Don't fall in love with the inventors." - Sully

inventors Hank and Sandy - Realtors from British Columbia Hank saw Sandy struggling with wrap one day and said, "let's put teeth on it." He built a shed in the back and went to work on a prototype. And, of course, they're struggling financially in post-economic deficit.

And Sully keeps going. He admits Sullivan Productions changed their address because of all the products they were getting. They're going through them - the thousands of them in their warehouse.

"..if it was easy everybody would do it." - Sully

"It's just like Christmas but everything sucks..." - Sully Staffer.

They came across an automatic stirring device. Found out it's from London. Sully's fallin' in love with the inventor :-P. They're going to find the inventor. A 12 hour search through the mail has paid off. "Robo Stirer." (UPDATE:  Product is called "Robo Stir.")

back to the Wraptor Teeth. Sully & Crawford talk to the inventors, check the patent, and say they need to come down to Florida to meet Khubani.

Commercial Break :12 after

Inventor:  Gavin Ray - RoboStir inventor flies in from London. He got the idea because he is raising 4 boys and needed something to stir form him so he could watch the kids better.

Gavin has a small team ...they put in 2.5 years and about $250K into production. They're company could have issues if the product isn't successful.

"Robo Stir." (Discovery animation time) It's like a rotating tripod....withstands most every oven temperatures.

"It's like the 3rd hand in the kitchen..." - Sully, who wants to pitch it himself. Gavin is excited.

Wraptor Teeth study.. Kennedy takes the product to a cooking school to try it out... Test 1:  without the Wraptor Teeth. Results...pain Test 2:  with Wraptor Teeth. Students like it.

They say they'd pay about $5-$10 for the product.

Sully takes Robo Stir to the local Buco De Beppo's to test it out. 3 speeds. "It stirs so you don't have to."

Letting the the kitchen test them out while they eat. Wow...that's a lot of Robo Stirs...and sauces.

(Discovery animation of how sauce burns)

The chefs think:  "it makes our jobs easier." They like would like to see the legs be longer so they could use them in bigger pans.

Commercial Break :21 after

Robo Stir redesign goes to work. Gavin's team is going at it w/ AutoCAD design. Lengthened the legs and added a 4th legs.

Sully's got more products coming in...including DVDs...and sees one for fitness shoes. Made nice videos, has hot women bouncing...Sully notices.

Redesigned Robo Stir is getting put to the test...but there's a glitch:  they don't work like the original Robo Stirs. Not as much power. Looks like they're losing torque and the power is not getting to the feet.

Sully's questioning the functionality. Gavin says it's ready to go. Commercial shoot is coming.

Commercial Break :28 after

The jumper boots and the inventor comes to the Sullivan Productions office. She's pitching with big words I don't understand. Sully takes them on. Now the staff is trying them by the beach. Sully's worn out. They're all power-walking back to the office. Those look like goofing fun.

Sully's thinking $80 for the shoes. Inventor wants to sell them for $180. Price is too high...Product name, "Power Boots." He hopes they work for her but not in his niche - thinkin' retail.

Wraptor Teeth inventors came in to Tampa to meet with AJ Khubani of TELEBrands.

The inventors start their pitch to AJ.

AJ's asking tough questions about functionality. AJ's wondering about the wrap storage. He thinks their's a marketing... His decision...................let's make a deal. The Elashes are going to get financing from AJ.

(blizzard just cut our signal for a second. Hope it's not a sign of things to come). AJ likes it. The Elashes are mushy.

Robo Stir photo shoot.

Robo Stir is going with Idea Village (owned by AJ's brother) to get the product going. The IV manager is feeling heavy pressure to get this product...they spent the morning shooting with the old Robo Stir, not the new one.


Sully's pissed. The product guys had the product with them the whole time and forgot to hand it over. You can hear the anger in his voice during the pitch. I think it's making him a better pitchmen. :-)

"That's a wrap." - Sully

Commercial Break :42 after

Wraptor Teeth Commercial Shoot

Elashes appear on set, starting to cry.

Sully starts to pitch the shot. Unlike the last video, this one is running ahead of schedule. So, Sully asks the Elashs' if they want to try to pitch. So, Hank Elash is going to take a stab at it. Sully's giving him quick timing tips.

He's starting to get it...Hank got some rhythm. Still needed a little inflection, but it was cool. "I've seen a lot worse." - Sully

Sully wraps it up with a clean pitch.

Spoiler...results coming. Narrator says one of them hits big. Does the other not?

Commercial Break :50 after

Wraptor Teeth results coming. 3 week test Results:  Elash's are in Tampa to hear the results (usually a good sign). And they have AJ's backing...multiple price point testing...the product the bombed. No matter the price point. They tried hard. "I don't know what it is...I couldn't crack it....I'm sorry. I did the best I could." - Sully

Sully's sad. The inventors are crushed, but not broken.

"We still have our daytime jobs" - Elashes

Robo Stir test results are in. Multi-region test (US). Gavin gets results via Video Call. (This one is a success...he's doing that thing with his lips). "I'm gonna give it an 11." Robo Stir is a huge success. Not only are the calls great, but retailers are calling for the product.

Sully's pumped.

End of show.

Thank you for perusing our LiveBlog. Come back next week when we do the next episode!

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