Procera AVH Review: do you remember it?

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(official affiliate link)

Original Advertised Price: $39.95 per BOTTLE for 3 bottles. (It's not "buy 2, get 1 free" that's just how they compare it). + $14.95 S&H (per base order). Enrollment into " Power Saver" continuity program (automatically renews every 3 months).

Free Bonuses: book, newsletter subscription, free month supply of Ceraplex brain detox.

Procera AVH is one of those things you think about late at night when you're trying to remember that important thing you have to do tomorrow.


According to, Procera AVH Memory Enhancer ( note:  not a supplement, so far as we know. You can't even find the word used in reference to Procera AVH. There's also a disclaimer in the footer ) can provide the following benefits:

  • IMPROVE your mental clarity, focus and concentration.
  • IMPROVE your ability to learn and recall information faster.
  • SHARPEN your thinking and mental quickness.
  • BOOST your alertness and mental energy.
  • ELEVATE your mood and self-confidence.
  • FEEL less anxious and stressed.

Compared to other Brain Supplements , Procera AVH is the only one that claims to do the following:

  • Clinically shown to help improve Memory, Focus, Concentration, Mental Clarity, Mental Energy and Mood
  • Validated in independent University Clinical Trials and published in peer-reviewed Medical Journal?
  • Reverse 10-15 years of Memory-loss
  • Free Memory and Brain Power tests for proof of results

What Are the Ingredients in Procera AVH?

According to, the primary helpful ingredient in Procera AVH is, "Vinpocetine." According to the trusted source Wikipedia (insert joke here), Vinpocetine has been shown to have positive effects in older people with memory problems vague much? , but another source deemed the results inconclusive. The other active ingredients are Huperzine A & Acetyl-l-carnitine .

Procera AVH claims to have done well in landmark studies at Swinburne University Brain Science Institute in Australia . According to, the tests involved FDA-styled regulations. You can read all the landmark claims on the "Clinical Research."

Review - Procera AVH Complaints, Reviews, Scams, Side Effects, Rip-Offs...(I forget what else)

Good news: Didn't find anyone who said, "I took Procera AVH and now my memory's worse...I think..." The only side effects we heard of was that it can make you a little queasy if taken on an empty stomach. So, don't do that.

Bad News: We found a complaint where someone said the pricing was "Predatory," Well, remember, the offer includes a continuity program. What does that mean? It means that every 90 days or so they're going to ship you another 3-month supply and charge you for it. Now, the site claims you can cancel at any time - try ths number if you want to cancel:   800-720-0368 . But this isn't what caught our eye. And it wasn't the light, light gray disclaimer at the bottom of the white page (close to hidden text, but the whole footer is in that color so we didn't think it was that bad).

Here's what caught our eye: The shipping and handling price isn't displayed before you have to place your credit card. This means customers have to put in their credit card first. Not a fan of that. Thought nobody did that anymore. Hope they remedy that glitch. For the record, at the time of this writing the S&H for the base order was $14.95 so make sure you include that when you do your consideration.

Pros vs. Cons

We like the information and research displayed for Procera AVH. We like that most people have good things to say (even the fluffers). We don't like that the S&H isn't displayed until after you make your order. So, factor that in when you go to purchase and you should be okay.

UPDATED 2011/10/21:  It's another situation where people need to pay attention when ordering.

Where to Buy Procera AVH

If you want to try just one bottle or try Procera AVH without suscription / prescription, then you can find it at Amazon for ~$55. Or just push the button below!

(official affiliate link)

What Are Your Memories of Procera AVH? Are They Enhanced?

Let us know.

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