How to Order Proactiv While Avoiding the Auto-Ship "Scam"

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Original web offer details & such:  Offer styles and options vary. Autoship / continuity on the website.

Proactiv has been come under intense scrutiny in recent months over their auto-ship / continuity program. 

What is an auto-ship program?

  It's like a magazine subscription but for different products. They're typically used in DVD collections, supplments & enhances are beauty products. Proactiv is one of the biggest autoship programs in the world. In fact, they're hitting record numbers to the point where we're entering uncharted territory regarding their success.

Why is Proactiv coming under fire for their auto-ship program?

A string of recent reports came out where readers of a few top online magazines told their horror stories learning about the auto-ship program the hard way; both the its existence and cancellation (links below). A quick summary of issues as reported by magazine sites:

  • users get calls from collection agencies before ever receiving the product
  • users continue to get payments taken from their credit card after cancelling
  • users have to jump through hoops in order to cancel
  • users being told there's no record of purchase but still get harassed
  • users never receiving product

But before we get to the tips, let's first cover the basics - ASOTVL style

Does Proactiv Solution Work? Review of Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams...

Order Process:  welcome to the crux of the issue. The Dean of the business school where I went used to talk about the theory of big numbers, that when something because so huge and deals in such volume that sh*t's going to eventually break. "Sh*t happens," was the mantra. Proactiv is running into this situation. It's on its way to becoming the #1 grossing infomercial product of all time. They're probably bursting at the seams with their customer service capabilities - not that it's an excuse. The truth is most all these auto-ship programs will run into these isssues when they hit anywhere near this level of success. Once again, not an excuse, but if you're going to try to save yourself some headaches, make sure of the following:

  • keep a record of all emails & mailing receipts.
  • keep a record of the time and date you make your call(s)
  • don't be afraid to use the record feature on the cell phone. "For quality assurance," can be a two-way street.
  • Make sure you have your records and information available when you call.

If you continue to have issues and you have your records, make a copy of the records - blurring out the critical information, write up the story, tell us about it and if you'd like - and you've kept good, verifiable notes, we'll post it on this site for you.

Product Performance:  Here's the other side of this coin:  so many people swear by the product. Many of them are looking for it in the mail when their bottles are running low. I wouldn't be surprised if there were cults dedicated to proactive with saints Bieber, Lohan, Cuoco & Perry leading the way. 

How to Avoid the Proactiv scam

Proactiv is on television so much pitching their offer that many people assume that the only way to purchase the product is through the TV offer with the autoship. It's not the case. Check out your local mall, there's a better than even chance that the the Proactiv kiosk will be there before too long. 

For those who want to order Proactiv online without the autoship

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Here's a member of the church

Consulted Sources Include...

Final Thoughts - What to Expect...Maybe

Proactiv's demand is still exceeding their supply. As we mentioned above, make sure you keep meticulous records and have them handy when you call in or order online. Even with Amazon. In fact, every time you order online you should have those available. It'd be a shame if you let their growing problems get in the wyay of your attempt at healthier skin.

Customer Service:   phone:  888.248.8444.

Where to Find It

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