Potty Patch [Review]: The American Kennel Club Presents It. Does the Public Love It?

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Price: $39.99 plus $12.95 S&H. BONUS:  jumbo pet bath towel - $4.95 P&H. Offer comes with :  1 Potty Patch w/ "super plush anti-microbial grass with double the blades," & 1 jumbo pet bath towel.

When I was first told I was researching the Potty Patch, I was told I'd love it. I asked, "Is it a 'Bob Marley,' thing?" I later found out it was a domestic thing for dog, which was great because I have...well, let's count:  1, 2, 3...NO dogs.So I wondered:  "Why did I get this?"

Then I started to research and found out why: Potty Patch is one of those popular products where almost everyone has something to say. And they know I love a good rant...but first things first.

Claims - Potty Patch

According to TryPottyPatch.com, Potty Patch is a quick an easy way for your dog to relieve themselves without having to go outside or have to deal with indignity of kitty litter. The artificial grass simulates the look and feel of real grass and is specifically designed to let the "liquid" pass through the the second tier. In this case, the "tier 2" is the grate that collects and stores the liquid until someone goes to empty. According to the product site, the grate can hold up to a gallon of "liquid," so if you dog goes on a happy-hour bender, you have a little time before you have to empty it.

The Potty Patch product site also claims the following:

  • Presented by the American Kennel Club
  • Perfect  for patios and indoor use
  • So easy to clean, just rinse with soapy water
  • Great when your pet can’t go outside
  • Puppy training has never been easier

How Big Is the Potty Patch?

The Potty Patch is 17" x 27". That's big enough for a small dog as well as bigger dogs with steady aim. In fact, too see the Potty Patch in action at an apartment, check out the YouTube video to our left. It's funny as H***.

What If I Have a Bigger Dog

To be honest, this is where the fun starts:

From what we found, the way to stumble upon shout out to StumbleUpon.com the different sizes you have to either

  1. Leave the site and accept the exit pop ( yes, sites still use them. grrr. Actually, to be honest:  at the time of this writing it looks like the exit pop has finally been turned off. Hurray! )
  2. Purchase the product and select the larger size upgrade in the upsell process (the process after initial purchase on the way to the order review screen ).
BECAREFUL:  The larger size is pricier than the original size so make sure you account for that!

But the pop-ups and the price for the upgrade bring us to the section I've been waiting for...

Review - Potty Patch Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams

This product has been a run-away best seller. So, naturally, there are a fair share of complaints. The two groups of complaints we'll note are as follows:

  1. Upgrade price - As we said, the price for the larger size upgrade is a bit more. To be honest, we're not sure what that price is (the customer complaints on these links have prices, but we've seen no receipts to verify). Why? Because we're not very good :-P (Actually, we usually can but in this case we haven't formalized a relationship with the primary web company which would allow us to check. We're working on it.)
  2. Exit Pops - As we noted earlier, either our pop-up blocker has gotten that much better or the exit pops seem to have been disabled for now. Score one for the public! If you go there and find they've been turned back on, please let us know so we can update this and inform future readers!

The number one reason I got the Potty Patch review

The Consumerist ranted about Potty Patch . I love the Consumerist. They do some great rants. This one was a little tame. REMEMBER:  this post is a couple years old. Potty Patch has seem to have gotten better about it since then.

Industry Tidbit :  Many Products will run initial advertising to see if there is enough interest. If there is, they'll proceed with production and fulfill orders. If not, they'll cancel the orders. It's legal. As Seen on TV isn't the only industry to do it. Not that we agree, but we thought you should know in case you have something similar to come up. As Douglas Adams would say, "don't panic!"

KFVS CBS 12 Review of the Potty Patch

KFVS CBS 12 out of Cape Girardeau, MO (120 Miles South of St. Louis, MO) tested out the Potty Patch and gave it a B-. That's not perfect, but that's the kind of grade that'll get you into a good state school.

"Lesser" Complaints

We found a couple that were, for lack of better phrasing, "lesser" complaints. We found in many cases were people were able to train their dog to use it. We've also found some complaints were people said their dog wouldn't touch it.

This would be an intrinsic complaint . I don't know why some dogs would and some dogs wouldn't. It could be a particular breed. Sadly, I'd guess it'd be more to do with whether or not the dog can be trained. The last dog I had growing up was trained by my new-age grandmother. She didn't discipline it or nothing, and when it finally died we had to change the carpets in most the house. I loved my grandmother, but that dog was so spoiled it couldn't be trained or touched or talked to unless it was by here. My point is, we can't completely blame the product.

The other intermittent, intrinsic complaint we found was that the product would smell after awhile. To us, that would make since. You should clean your toilet once a week. You should clean a cat box once a day. I'm guessing the Potty Patch would need some cleaning figuring it's handling dog "liquid" and feces on a daily basis. What wouldn't need cleaning after that?

Where to Buy Potty Patch

Especially if you are looking for the larger size, you should be able to find it at specialty stores.

Is Potty Patch the Dog Owner's Dream or Does It Cause You to Have a Potty Mouth?

Please, let us know your thoughts!

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