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Well, we're making it to Season 2, Episode 8 of Discovery Channel's "PitchMen." Sully, Arwen, Kennedy & company's adventures continue for the little show that could.

Here's what we know according to the TV Schedule:

"Sully puts out a call for fitness products. A female fitness star comes back to the spotlight with her Chest Magic machine. Also, BMXers test two new concepts: one a bicycle meets elliptical trainer and the other a bicycle meets rowing machine."

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Products shown in tease: Personal Trainer put 50k for a personal fitness product A moto-elyptical cross-trainer

Sully's gonna try to hit his weakness:  fitness products. "Fitness just sells on television." - Sully

He's in Vegas with Michael Casey w/ Michael Casey Enterprises

Considerations 1) Selectorized Abs 2) Ab Training Wheels 3) Six Tan Abs (a shade for tanning salons) 4) pro Pass 5) Wet Bar (Water exercise bar) 6) Safety Benchpress Bar (*Crickets*) 7) KWIK Covers

And the potential Run n' Wipe - towel that attaches/detattaches from shorts Casey - not for DR. Sully, "why not?" Casey - "I have to like these shorts to get the towels." He'd rather have a system for his shorts instead of buying the shorts. "I don't want to get beat up by an inventor."

Off to LA, and Kennedy!! Kennedy might have found another product. "Street Strider" by David Kraus. You have to swerve your core to move the bike. Chainless. 20 minute ride burns up to 300 calories Sully wants to try it out on the street. "It's like riding a bike for the first time." Braking is an art form too.

"You steer it with your body," - Kraus.

Kraus started the process back in 2000 when the elliptical machines were put in his gym. First drawings - Christmas 2004. They gave up their college professorships last year because of interest in the Street Strider. Got a partner, got backing, got a prototype.

(That's risky. I'd a stayed in college :-P but I've been wrong before).

Goal:  Getting Sully to pitch the Street Strider. Price:  ~$500 Sully wants to street test it and "do homework."

"When it comes to fitness, I have to think outside the box." - Sully. "The market is out there."

Commercial Break :11 after

Casey's bringing a product and super pitchwoman - Jennifer Nichole Lee! "Ab Circle anyone?" Product:  ChestMagic "Everybody wants a well-developed chest." - inventor Calvin Sutton "I can't wait to get on it myself." - JNL

Inventor has been a professional trainer for the likes of Gary Sheffield. Combining the product combines pushups and flies and gets a little gravity to help maximize the workout. Wife says Calvin has had a history of not finishing products. She was concerned so Calvin didn't clue her in much. Finances and Marriages were stressed.

Investment:  $50K (that he really didn't have)

JNL likes the workout. Sully sees husbands and wives working next to each other. JNL is a believer in the product. Casey things the product can be on TV by bikini season. Everybody is happy "We don't see that many good products. Really. Thank you," - Sully to Calvin.

Word has gotten out about Sully's hunt for athletic products.

First to LA - Rowbike. "how do you move this bike? I don't see pedals." You literally work it like a rowing machine.

Commercial Break :20 - looks like StreetStrider will be competing against Rowbike. (Think the Rowbike is going down).

The bikes will be tested by Tampa area BMX enthusiasts. Yeah, street strider looks like a pain in the buttock in grass.

Yeah, I'd fall off the row bike. A top women's bmx pro. It took her a bit. She thinks it worked her back more.

"Watch the break," you'll slide too close to the handlebars. Ouch

Male BMX guy, "I'll be honest. I might be embarrassed to ride it if girls were around."

"I don't think it's a bike. I think it's a full body workout." - Sully about Street Strider

Sully is scared that the professionals had issues with the row bike so he's going with the Street Strider. And he chose it. He's psyched for it. He doesn't know if it'll sell, but he'll test price points and try in a long-form infomercial.

Commercial Break :31 After

Sully's heading to South Beach, Miami with Jennifer Nichole Lee to try out ChestMagic. Time to get a focus group. M'mmm, she's got quite the gold strapless top on. The real fit guys are having issues with it. A couple figured out how to use it in the bedroom. Watchonout.

(Discovery animation on how to build chest muscles. Now it shows how the ChestMagic does the work. Need that animation in beginner workout clasess.)

People think it's worth between $75-$100. Camera man is having too much fun.

Oh dear, old lady on ChestMagic.

"I was absolutely amazed by people who said, 'I would buy this,' and they don't even work out." - Jennifer.

Back to Tampa for the StreetStrider commercial. Heat's going to be an issue so they're starting early. And they only have 1 bike to work with. "Don't wreck it." - They had Jennifer Crawford on it. It wore her out.

"I'm from a nation of cyclists." - Sully

ChestMagic shoot coming.

Commercial Break :42 after

Calvin's family is down to their last dime. Jennifer Nichole Lee is on the stage. It's all white. Very Ab Circle-ish.

"If it don't fair out, I'll have to find a new place to live."

Sully doesn't think there's a good tagline yet.

"Do you feel the magic?" - JNL. They're picking a helluva time to come up with a hook. He's using Jupiter Jack tags as a reference. Is he thinking outside the box?

Here comes the sprint.

"Do yo need it unlocked?" New quick ad-hock hook:  "It's the track that gets you on track to get your chest back." - Assuming you had it to begin with.

And the shoot continues. "The track that will get your chest back." The shaved the hook.

B-roll and backup shoots.

"Jennifer turns down everybody but you know what, Calvin? You had the magic touch." - Casey

Commercial Break :51 after - Test results coming.

StreetStrider test results.

Sully goes to visit Calvin's home to show him the commercial and the results. He's really drawing this out. "I just want to tell you that Chest's a home run." It'd a better been. Revenue:  $4 to $1. The price point is higher than normal, but it's still cool. (Man, if Sully went to the house and told him bad news... :-P)

"You can go to Harvard now," Calvin to his son.

StreetStrider test results Select Market test:  looks like NM, AZ and Southern CA Professors come in, "This has to work for us."

"As we say in Vegas, we're all in." "Why would you do that?" - Sully.

"I'll cut to the chase:  it didn't work on TV........BUT.....web sales are through the roof."

Project web sales:  $1.5 million dollars.

"Giving them the results. It makes it all worthwhile." - Sully

Thank you for reading

Come back again next week for another liveblog of #pitchmen.

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