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We're getting bonus PitchMen's tonight! How? Well, the episode guide hasn't been updated past episode 5, and yet here we are at episode 7! The dream is still alive.

Essentials According to

"An inventor risks everything to get his Stadium Back chair -- and his face -- on the air. A mother of four puts it all on the line with her simple alternative to the chip clip. Sully and Kennedy try out an electric skateboard."

Right now, we know two of the products:  StadiumBack and Ba'Noodle by a pretty fiesty inventor, Tania. Check out Tania's blog!

And away...we...go

Enough Cash Cab Chicago...let's go


Johnny Rocket and the Stadium Back..

There's TANIA!  "Brilliantly Simply product...." Nice props

Oh dear, Sully on a skateboard...we begin

Products Cookie Dipper - (oh wow, serious) No Stoop Door Stop

"You never know when the next invention is going to come along so you have to keep looking," - Sully

Pitch-a-thon in CA Hot Sheeter bed warm - it warms the sheets of your bed w/ "no" risk of fire. Sully thinks it's pretty cool. Kennedy thinks you can save money on your electric bill. Oooh, until the "hair dryer" sound, but only runs for 2-3 minutes at a time.

Here's Tania and the Ba'noodle. Put the noodle at the top of a chip bag, roll the bag down and clamp the sides in. It makes a nice handle too, especially for big dog bags. Sully likes it.

Sully's intrigued, you can tell he's already thinking "patent." And he likes the name, "you're a testament to 'simple is good.'" Tania is in shock.

Inventor: Tania Reynor Home: Regina, Canada Product: Ba'noodle

Tania has made several products to this point. Didn't become an inventor until her husband lost her job. They're running out of options. Tania came up with the Ba'noodle when she saw a chip clip and thought it should be more like the closing for coffee bags. First one was used with 14-gauge wire, tape and blasty wire.

Sully and Kennedy go to Canada to test the Ba'noodle with a few of their friends.

Test one:  Ba'noodle vs. a bag clip. Winner:  Ba'noodle. Chip Clip couldn't "hold" up. But what do the kids think?/ love it.

Ratings in the group...`9, 10. Great review.

Sully's gut thinks it's gonna work great.

Commercial Break :10 After

"It's time for a little happy after a lot of sad." - Tania

Johnny Rocket and the Stadium Back Grab it, bend it, and professional club seating on benches. Including putting your team on the back. Sully is testing it to see if he can break it when leaning back on it. It gives about a 1". Sully isn't sure it can solve a common problem, and it's big and bulky.

"It's a $10 product with $10 shipping." Sully doesn't know if he can pitch it; Johnny Rocket says he doesn't want Sully to pitch it, he wants to pitch it himself. He's been a telemarketer, outside sales and  corporate sales and thinks he can pro pitch it. He thinks he knows DR.

Johnny wants to pitch it because he believes in it 100% and wants Sully to mentor him. Sully wants to kill him :-P Johnny says he'll finance the production cost if Sully helps out with the mentoring.

"I'm a gambler; I'm all in." - Johnny "Johnny's the cockiest inventor I've ever seen, but..." - Sully

Johnny's downsizing his life to put it all on the line

StadiumBack focus group - local Little League stadium. He's having local parents at the game try it out during their kids game. Parents are trying it. (Sully better buy them all some burgers. :-P)

"So what do you guys think?" - Sully

A little kid thinks Sully's too big to sit on it. Parents are giving it ~7,8...and there's a 9 in there. Parents are thinking the price point is all over the place. Sully's thinking $14.99 buy 1, get 1

Sully let them keep the StadiumBacks.

Sully likes the results but he's concerned about the shipping.

Commercial break :21 after

back to Ba'noodle, figuring out the wow demonstration with the production manager

Sully's trying to get Tania to do the Wow demonstration. They roll the bag down and pop the bag to show the seal is tight. Tania just blew up the bag at the table. She's so humble, you can tell the crew loves her. I hope it works out

Back to Stadiumback

Sully is thinking 2 for 1 will help with S&H. He's also thinking they'll need close to 4 at a time

(Disovery animation time:  stamping the StadiumBacks)

comic relief time: Electric Skateboard - it's 65 lbs and a top speed of 24mph

Wow, he's sold 500 of them. They sell for up to $2,300 bucks. Typically:  $600.

Time to test the board.

TWIST: Sully and Kennedy loved the ride. They want to test it at the beach.

Commercial break :33 after

By the way, we're chatting at about the episode. It's fun. Come join.

Sully's checking on the S&H for the eGlide. He thinks it'll be $50 but the price is more. Sully & Kennedy are showing it to surf instructors and the like along the beach...Some wipeouts starting to happen on the road.

Sully's weighing how many people would purchase it in the niche.  They passed.

Johnny Rocket's back

Script meeting and pitching tutorial btwn Sully & Johnny.

Oh, dear, there's going to be script conflicts.

"Dude, we're at 30 seconds and you haven't even shown the product." - Sully

"This is a 5 minutes spot." - Sully

(I'm hoping they go to a deathmatch).

They come to a common ground. Sort of. "Common ground," as in "Sully hasn't coldcocked Johnny, yet."

Commercial break :44 after

StadiumBack Commercial Shoot Sully's figuring out his pitch on the fly. He won't let Sully do backup patches. He wants to do it on his own.

"I'm really impressed with Johnny. I have to admit...America will vote."

Ba'noodle Commercial Shoot "I can't believe today is the day," - Tania

"To see the look on her face; it's one of those Priceless moments." - Sully

"I think we caught lightning in a bag." - Sully

You can't help but pull for her!

Commercial break :52 after StadiumBack test results Johnny's thrown all at it. Sully says, "you've got a winner."

Results:  almost 3-to-1 ROI on the tests.

"You were the best when it came down to throwing down a pitch," - Sully to Johnny

Ba'noodle Test Results

"Saving my family is riding on this," - Tania to Sully

Test Results:  Champagne time!  "I've saved my family." - Tania

"Home runs do not come along very often," - Sully

So glad to see it went well for her. Great to hear!

Tania - I know you're reading this because you said it on tiny chat:  It's a beautiful thing to see that your product did so well. Hope the success is still riding high for you! Congrats...and, thanks for reading :-) I'm glad it helped!

Come back next week for another episode of PitchMen, and come find us on Chat at during the episode! You never know who you might find there!

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