NuBrilliance at Home Microdermabrasion. Is It Dangerous?

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(official affiliate link)
Price: 30-Day Trial - $14.95. Shipping & Handling - $19.95. Free Gift - 3-piece Prep & Recovery skincare regimen.

Ah, the pains we go through for beautiful, young, healthy-looking skin. Why do we go through it? Because every year there's a new group of young, hungry, beautiful women stepping onto our stage.

Luckily, every year newer and better products come out that help us maintain our radiant glows. Or in some cases, rediscover it.

So, the question is:  Is NuBrillance just such a product? Does it provide that spa-quality microdermabrasion which exfoliates and reinvigorates our look? Let's take a look...


According to, the list of features and benefits provided by NuBrilliance are many...

NuBrilliance Improves:

  • Aging Body & Facial Skin Including Hand and Large Body Areas
  • Congested Skin
  • Dull Skin
  • Sun-Damaged Skin

How does NuBrilliance achieve these results? By "diamond peel exfoliation," a process that emulates professional spa microdermabrasion by using - "the outermost layer of skin is removed using light abrasion which promotes the growth of healthy cells. " (source: The name, "diamond peel exfoliation" comes from the name of the head of the device.

Then patience and follow-up treatments do the rest. Directions can be found at

Review - NuBrilliance Claims, Complaints, Rip-Offs, Scams...

It's a beauty product so, yeah, there are complaints. The first one we saw scared us at first. I showed "Not Sully" and he thought the lady looked the equivalent of when someone oversands a piece of wood. We can't substantiate whether or not the claims are true are not. This one is a tricky one. The same complaint is posted, word-for-word on multiple sites without respect given to form or structure. It could be true; it might not be. She left her name on , but no contact information though we think we found her on Twitter . She has only had a few tweets since the time of this writing (February 12, 2011) and none since her complaint tweet. We can't tell. We not only know if it's legit be we don't know if she used it, how much she used it and, if she was hurting the first time we don't know why she'd try it the second time. Either way, we hope she's better.

We also found a fun back & forth discussion on QVC regarding NuBrilliance as well.

Here's the thing:

You can burn your scalp when bleaching your hair. You can burn your face when using a hot curling iron. You can burn your leg on your muffler after having just driven your car. There's a chance you can burn your face using a product that removes dead skin.

In all of the above cases, we recommend following the directions, taking caution, and being conservative about it.

Don't try to wipe away the wrinkles on the first try.

What do you think?

(official affiliate link)

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