[Review] NeatDesk Desktop Scanner - Is It Worth the Space on My Desk?

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Offer details & such:  PC & Mac options - $399.95 + $0.00 S&H. $379.00 & less at. NeatCloud cloud storage - 30-day trial and ~ $8 a month afterwards.

I've got an executive chair, multiple monitors, an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, and a top of the line printer than can scan, fax, copy, work to a cloud and once in awhile, I think it karaoke's to Amos Lee. What I'm trying to say is that I have no need for a NeatDesk. When I look at it for this review, I look at it as if I had to start all over again, would I consider using a NeatDesk or would I go with the setup I have. Upon initial thought I would say, "no," because I like paper documents, but who knows...

I don't often look back at what might have been

But in this case, since I don't want to get fired, I'll make an exception.

What Is the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner?

NeatDesk bills itself as a digital filing system with a cloud and software app that allows people to not only store their documents online but to access them form any computer or mobile device the user has. Welcome to the potential, realized dream of a paperless workplace. 

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to neat.com, The NeatDesk Desktop Scanner claims the following features and benefits:

  • quick work of paper clutter
  • digitize paper piles
  • works to Quicken
  • NeatCloud
  • support & Hardware protection

Does the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner Work? Review of Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams...

Order Process:  The order process is atypical for an infomercial product, not that it is bad in this case. It's like they're running the damned thing on ZenCart where people have to login to make orders. Seriously, guys, single-step checkout options should be available. But given the issues we see most of the problem - too loose and unclear of an order process - we'll take these issues and not hold it against the company. In short:  classic shopping cart style. 

Product Performance: Wow, better than we thought. Much better. We found a few reviews comparing it to the Fujitsu S1500 and others and the the nod was given to Fujitsu, it really came down to what the needs of the individual / business are. The use was consistent and over a nice period of time. The detraction came for the cost of the cloud. Not that the cloud was too high but that there was a cost at all. But, you don't have to have it. If you do a different cloud, from what we read you should be able to use the cloud you already have.

Here, even better, check out of favorite of the video reviews:

Here's a great review of NeatDesk vs. Fujitsu S1500 and others

Consulted Sources Included...

Final Thoughts - What to Expect...Perhaps

Uhhhhh, I dunno. I mean, I have a top-of-the-line printer that can do all this and I have my own cloud. And when we want to collaborate we go to Google Docs. The reviews we saw on MacWorld, Gizmodo, CNet anthe like were much more benevolent than we anticipated. If you are looking for an upgrade, you might like the NeatDesk Scanner. For it showing up on infomercials night and day, it does appear to have official applicable use for at-home businesses and the like. Customer Service:   Address:

The Neat Company 1601 Market St., Suite 3500 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone:  866-NEAT-REC (632-8732) Ext. 2 Email:  sales@neat.com

Where to Find NeatDesk Desktop Scanner

(official affiliate link)

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