[Review] "Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You" by Dr. Myles H. Bader. That dude writes more than I do.

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Official product site offer details & such: BOGO: 1 - soft cover of Dr. Myles Bader's Natural Solutions to Things that Bug You . 2 - [optional] soft cover of Dr. Bader's Natural Solutions to Bigger Pests - $9.99. Sales tax:  New Jersey & California. Notes:  Canadian residents, province tax applies.

My ex-roommate and I use to live out in this posh fertile valley just south of lake Michigan. Nature preserves, deer trails, creeks, wineries and a farm sprinkled into the hidden valley, landscaping the most tranquil place for hundreds of miles. We had to learn so natural solutions to bug issue on the fly. We would spray bug spray along the window frames of the square-pane windows. We had to poke a wasp nest out of the central air intake with a stick. Our favorite was throwing a football at the icicles that grew over the DirecTV satellite dish that was installed 30-feet up on the silo.

As crazy as the solutions were to our problems, Dr. Bader seems to have even trumped us in his latest installment. But how buggy are these solutions?  Let's take a look.

What Is Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You ?

Have you ever wondered if there was a natural way to repel mosquitoes instead of having to buy that store crap? What about knowing the best way to treat caterpillar?. Want to out-cockroach a cockroach? Welcome to essence of the book. Over 400 pages of solutions available to keep pets from being a pest. And It's Dr. Myles Bader. He's like the JK Rowling of the infomercial tip book market. Some people just purchase his books to read them.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to www.naturalsolutionsbook.com, Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You claims the following features and benefits:

  • soft cover book for back-pocket transport
  • Bugs & Pests calendar
  • Optional Bonus:   Natural Solutions to Bigger Pests

Dr. Bader's Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You

Does Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You Work? Reviews, News & Issues from Bloggers, Vloggers & Other Key Industry Sites...

Order Process:  The order process isn't anything too much different from the norm. Depending on which product site you end up at, the optional bonus is found in the first upsell after the initial purchase. Also, from what we can figure out, there is not second S&H cost for the optional bonus.

Product Performance:  So far, so good. There are a lot of common-sensical, Poor Richards Almanac-type solutions in the book. We haven't seen anything that said that doesn't work. Also, we haven't heard anything that would indicate that the book is of poor construction. This ain't Dr. Bader's first book getting huge TV push. He's becoming an institution onto himself. We're looking forward to reading it. 

Consulted Sources Included...

Final Thoughts - What to Expect...Perhaps

We expect that Dr. Bader's fans will be happy with this solution. He's got a reading and a following and it should only be a matter of time before the next installment of his book series is written and ready to go.  Product Site Customer Service:   Address:  

Natural Solutions to Things That Bug You ANSMAIL One Telebrands Plaza Fairfield, NJ 07004

Phone: 1-866-454-6490 Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9:00am-8:00pm EST 24/7:  www.getorderstatus.com 

(official affiliate link)

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