[Review] Coming full circle on MET-Rx 180 fitness program

by nat finn on March 4, 2013


Product site offer details & such: trial offer & single payment options available.

Bella put the hammer down today: I’m bringing her food then going straight to the gym. It seems as though she’s tired of hearing that I haven’t gone to the gym and she’s making a change. I couldn’t help but thank her.

I should do more workouts from home. I hate when there’s ominmant snow weather approaching. And it would cut into my cabin fever feeling. H’mm, time to decide if the MET-Rx offering would be worth it.

What Is MET-Rx 180?

The MET-Rx 180 is latest element to the MET-Rx nutrition empire. It comes complete with the packages at-home fitness buffs have come to expect…many DVDs, simple resistance bands, a calendar, fitness guide & schedule. This one even comes with one of those cool workout balls that when it’s not being used makes a great video game chair – not, that, I’d, know.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to www.metrx180.com, MET-Rx 180 (official affiliate link) fitness programs claim the following features and benefits:

  • easy to follow
  • results-oriented plan
  • step-by-step calendar schedule
  • Free mobile app including all workouts
  • 3-30 day phases

Does MET-Rx 180 Work? Reviews, News & Issues from Blogs, Videos & Other Key Industry Sites…

Order Process: The watchdog sites have been mum about the product site’s order process. For good reason, too: the free 30-day trial option is the only initial web offer. No Shipping & Handling either. Then, if you don’t cancel within thirty days the 3 monthly payments start rolling into motion. But given that things are spelled out nicely and the payments aren’t being partially shuffled into the shipping and handling, we don’t expect too many issues.

Product Performance: It’s another product that seems to be emulating the Beach Body model: made an intense 90-day workout with enough to do to keep it interesting and to keep the body from getting too used to the product. We we came across a slough of blogs and video blogs out there where people are asking, discussing and displaying their results, we quickly became admirers of the product. My legs also started tweaking up and down because they want to go to the gym.

Our favorite of the videos was of a lady below who always seemed so chipper and enthusiastic about the workouts, even when she had little energy as in this video.

MET-Rx user review video

Consulted Sources Included…

Final Thoughts – What to Expect…Perhaps

We expect that most people who are into the at home fitness workouts will enjoy the change of routines provided by MET-Rx 180. Given that all the companies seem to compete on originality workouts, we expect that people will enjoy the time they spend bending, stretching and jumping about in front of their television sets.
Product Site Customer Service:
24/7: www.customerstatus.com
Phone: 1-855-33-METRx or 1-855-336-3879
Email: customerservice@metrx180.com
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-10:00 PMEST


Where to Find It at the Best Price(s)

  • Best Price, typically – Amazon.com (official affiliate link).

    Shop & compare offers while you’re there.

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