LiveBlog: Discovery Channel's Pitchmen, Season 2, Episode 6: The Cutting Edge

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Just in case you are one of the many who missed the lack of promotion, a new episode of Discovery Channel's "PitchMen," will be airing tonight on 7pm EST. The details are a little sparse but here's what Discovery Channel's TV Schedule has to say:

A young inventor hooks Sully with a collapsing trashcan but a manufacturing short cut may destroy the product's future. Two friends think a simple piece of plastic can keep you safe from intruders. A legendary knife man gets a chance at one last pitch.! (Reviews will be updated during the commercial break and whenever we can hit the Update button).

Products A plastic invention is making a key out A computer programmer and legend arnold morris (knife guy - not Popeil)

"It's really tough to find innovation in trash" - Sully

He's got Kennedy with him to give her a little pitching lesson. 

Legendary Smash Yo' Trash is a product consideration. Sully's concerned about the fact it's only made with metal, but wants to roll the dice

perfect wastebasket - inserts "this is a guy who has too much time on his hands" - Sully "this is a guy who thinks I have too much time on my hands" - Kennedy Collapsican - has them intrigued. There's a Wow demonstration Sack Track - the ridges solve a common problem - Kennedy would like to see them test it

And the testing will begin with Smash Yo' Trash, Collapsican and Sack Track. Sully likes Collapsican most and it's testing first.

Inventor heads to Sullivan Productions to show Sully the project in person. Name:  Nathaniel Tite. "I always like to know how things work" - Nathaniel. He had his inspiration at work with a portable, collapsible cup. Used a serrated kitchen knife to make his demo. Amount spent on demo:  $100. Niiiiiiice.

Sully loves it and will put it to a focus group.

Product #2 is coming form AJ Khubani. It's the knives, a group for only $10. Sully's a little concerned because he doesn't cut on camera, and is gonna try to get Arnold Morris - "it can cut the eyebrows off a mosquito." Who is Arnold Morris? Legendary Boardwalk pitchmen who specialized in knives.

"No one has sold more knives than Arnold." - Sully

He's got some serious age on him, but Arnold is still quick as a hiccup.  "When I think of knives, I think of Arnold Morris."

Will Arnold go pitch it? "Sounds terrific to me...just get me a contract so I can get it to my lawyer."

"He's still got the pitch in him." - Sully

Commercial break :10 after

Product number #2:  KeyPout Inventors:  Joe Lubrant & Mark Muscarello

They pitch it to Sully in Tampa. "That's the shortest pitch I've ever seen."

Common problem solved:  the increase in break-in's due to 

Sully's problem:  "...people won't buy a fire extinguisher until their house breaks down. It's wierd."

Sully thinks you're buying piece of mind when you buy it.

KeyPout backstory:

back in the 1990's (Joe). His apartment had people coming in and out at all hours of the night and got scared. He used a vice clamp and nails to protect his door for awhile. How does it work? KeyPout is a clamp stretches from the doorknob to the deadbolt and has grooves so it keeps the deadbolt tight.

Product has patents.  Sully wants to try it in his house and give it to focus groups.

"This, potentially, is a life-saving product." - Sully

Attention is turned back to the trash products. Arwen comes up with an idea:  take the products to the Renaissance Festival! 

(Discovery channel animation for Smash Yo Trash - picture a lever) They might have found trash cans the product won't work on.

Commercial break :21 after

Smash Yo Trash goes down.

Collapsican's turn at the fair. So far, so good. Someone did break it, but it's a product demo, damnit. The focus group is enjoying it...price point guesses... $19.99~~~

Sack Track's turn. (Discovery channel animation) - It's two plastic grooves that go down the sides of the garbage can so people can pull the garbage out easier.

A/B test. "It has no wow." It's useful, but it's hard to demonstrate it.

Sully's choice:  Only wants to go with Collapsican. He sends off his notes to the inventor, who's going back to work on the issue of the Collapsican splitting when the can is opened to quickly.

While he's doing that...Kennedy's has a focus group for the KeyPout in a friend's apartment.

With a glass of wine consumed, they start testing the KeyPout. They put the skeptic on the outside and had them try it.

The apartment owner is thinking of leaving it on there to test it on her boyfriend when he comes over.

1 - to - 10 scale Blonde - 8:  not attractive Brunette - 7:  practical Tanned - 9

Price guesses:  ~ $5

Commercial break :31 after

KeyPout inventors back in Tampa. 

Sully's decision:  move forward. Tested will with single women and apartment owners. 

Arnold Morris knife pitch...getting practice going. AJ, Sully, Billy 3, Arwen and company are around. Arnold hasn't used a knife on camera in 8 years, and he cut himself while going.

"I'm a little chicken to work with knives." - Sully

"I'm just getting warmed up." - Arnold

"The only thing this won't cut is your taxes." - Arnold. He's got a grandfatherly charm and a bag of jokes that are keeping crowd entertained.

"It's just like riding a bike." - Sully

"I'm Arnold Morris for the Amazing knife...I'll see you in my dreams." - Arnold. "I lit up like a Christmas tree...if you entertain them they'll stay with you." - Arnold

Arnold Morris has a stunt double doing the close-up work. "Donald has the hands Arnold used to have." - Sully

Commercial Break :42 after

KeyPout commercial shoot. Lookin' forward to seeing what they come up with for the Wow demonstration. There are a lot of doors about.

He uses a pair of plyers to show how effective the KeyPout is. I wonder if the key was supposed to break in the door to show how effective it is. 

Sully discusses how it's only been recently that they've allowed inventors on the set for shoots. He discusses how the extra energy boosts their performance (or something like that).

Collapsican commercial shoot. Inventor thinks he's got the prototypes are ready to go. Inventor is on set. Sully is running behind schedule and appears.

Uh-oh, Sully found a problem with the bottom of the can. The prototype is put together with store-bought cans. Oh, snap!

"I can't shoot a commercial with someone else's product." Sully shuts down the shoot immediate. "You can't hack up someone else's product and call it your own....that whole shoot was a waste of time." - Sully.

Commercial break :50 after

Collapican aftermath - Inventor Tite heads to Sullivan Productions to talk about it.  Sully thinks its one of the better inventions I've seen in awhile. Sully is taking a little blame and thinks he might have pushed too fast. Sully wants to invest into the product and give it a chance.

Sully's gonna roll the dice on the project.

KeyPout Test Results Inventors head to Tampa, meet up.Let's see what the results say. ...they're favorable. 

Sully tucks in his right cheek just a bit before he tells inventors the good news.

"The word KeyPout is gonna be a household name." - Sully

Sully locks the inventors out of his house with the KeyPout :-)

The Amazing Knife test results Sully calls AJ Khubani & Arnold Morris to discuss the results. The results:  stronger than expected.

The old man's still got it.

Tune in next week - if there's an episode of PitchMen to show, we'll liveblog it.

What did you think of the show?

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