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RIt's been a long-time coming, but "PitchMen" is finally back on the air. It's in a pathetic time slot (7pm EST Tuesday Night), and with this post we might have done more promotion for the show that Discovery Channel, but we'll take what we can get when we can get it.

If you don't get a chance to see this week's episode of PitchMen, please stop by to catch our LiveBlog. We'll be following along with the show, learning about it as it airs.

Discovery Channel PitchMen Season 2, Episode 3, "Bear Market," QuickFacts

Original Airing: Tuesday, January 18. 7pm EST (1 hour) Products Featured :

  • ShaveMate
  • Fridge Locker
  • Rx Locker


So, to get warmed up, let's pretend like we're starting PitchMen again. Here's a video from the PitchMen Season 2 Premiere party:

Celebrity DJ Kennedy and Dr. Drew guest star in the first episode of the season.  It's bittersweet without the charm and familiar voice of the late Billy Mays but Sully must carry the torch.  The inspiration and dreams of the inventors will never cease to exist.

The mission Sully has this season is to find products that "save you money, make your life a little bit easier & also bring a smile to your face." After all, "If you have the right invention you can go from the street to being a millionaire in 6 months."

Product Search

Sully filters through a mountain of products that includes

  • Kidispenser - a little device that turns a box of orange juice upside-down and into an automatic dispenser so mothers don't have to be "cocktail waitresses" for their children anymore (what the hell are in her kids' drinks? And can we have some?)
  • ShaveMate Titan - a six-bladed disposable razor with shaving cream in the handle
  • Window Buddy - it's a spray bottle and squeegee in one.
  • Stay Dry Umbi - An umbrella with a clear plastic cylinder extending from the edges to keep people from getting wet in the rain - aka Bubble Boy's umbrella

The winner?


Lou & Pete Tomassetti present the ShaveMate.  They've been working on the ShaveMate since last season & both Billy and Sully showed interest in the concept. Billy was going to shave his beard for the "Wow," demonstration.

" ShaveMate is our future. It has to work."

They've even put their houses on the line for this product.  However, Sully warns them that Gillette will be the biggest obstacle in the success of the Shave Mate. Gillette owns the overwhelming majority of the $10 billion market and will defend it. But the Tomassetti brothers have been inventing for 30 years and fighting for 12 years to get the product to market. They're not getting scared off now.

Pitch-a-Thon in LA

Sully goes back on DJ Kennedy's radio show to announce the pitch-a-thon in LA. He invites her to attend. She says she will.

"If she shows up I'll be...I'll be stunned."

He's stunned.

The pitch-a-thon rolls along. Sully & Kennedy are introduced to busying selection of projects including

  • The TP Saver - I confess. I'm still not too sure what it does. But the inventor rolled off a lot of toiler paper
  • All in One for Cats - Not bad for an inventor who doesn't own cats. Oh wait, ... "This product's already out there." - Sully
  • The Adjustable Golf Tee - by a fishermen who was frustrated during a golf outing
  • Auto Contact - It's a mat you drive your car wheel over and it becomes part of the security system
  • The Belly Sauna - an undergarment that helps you lose belly fat during your day - "Where does all the sweat go?" - Oh, Sully, why did you have to ask?

After a long & uneventful day, The Fridge Locker

Rx Locker seems to be the first two products of with a little bit of promise.  What do they do?  They each serve as a personal lock-box for your lunch snacks or personal medications that prevent those pesky thieves from taking your belongings.

The inventor:  Kevin Allen - a former internet company millionaire who was looking for his next passion. While working in an office, he was getting upset that his food was getting stolen...and our popped the Fridge Locker. Then he expanded the idea to the Rx Locker when he realized the issues that surrounded prescription medications.

DJ Kennedy takes it one step further, offering to ask her good friend Dr. Drew if he would take a look. She sets up the meeting and away they go...

Commercial Break

Dr. Drew gets excited after seeing the Rx Locker as it can solve a major problem in the United States - prescription medication abuse and prescription related overdoses.

He later goes on to say that the Rx Locker is " simple, easy to use and a potential lifesaver. "

ShaveMate Product Test

Sully gets the help of product manager Jennifer Crawford to get a focus group for the ShaveMate. When Jennifer isn't working with the Sullivan Productions crew or pitching products for The Shopping Channel and QVC UK, she is fulfilling her role as EVP of the Miss American Outstanding Teen Pageant. So while the pageant girls are in Vegas, they get to try out the ShaveMate Diva.

50 pageant girls and shaving injuries reported.

The girls reaction:  they love it!

Commercial Break

Fridge Locker Product Test

Sully and co. need to make sure the Fridge Locker can withstand the potential "Wow" demonstration - an 800-lbs. grizzly bear. They take the product to a bear farm and put it in the ring with two bears.

The Fridge Locker lasted at least 20 second...maybe not. Kevin's got some quick work to do.

ShaveMate Commercial Shoot

The Tomassetti brothers are psyched and nervous and get hit with bad news - Sully won't be in until Noon. Sully is still emotional over the loss of Billy and is conflicted about the commercial (remember, this footage was shot in fall of 2009 so the pain was still fresh). Sully's feeling the pressure of not having Billy to rely on.

And when he gets there, Sully rocks the shoot. The movement brings up the days when they blew up OxiClean.

Commercial Break

Rx Locker Commercial Shoot

Inventor Kevin Allen is happy as hell. Dr. Drew has never put his name on a product before, but the Rx Locker won't get Point of Purchase (Sale) videos at every store. So Dr. Drew puts his name on a product for the first time to help boost promotion. They shoot in Dr. Drew's studio - a smooth, quick shoot.

Fridge Locker Commercial Shoot

Sully's team gets briefed by the bear trainers on how to prep the studio for Bruno - the 840 lbs. grizzly bear's arrival. Sully is visibly shaken on set with the bear 8 feet away. They're going to be testing the reinforced Fridge Locker on the fly. If that breaks and the bear gets mad, Sully is the closest thing to the bear.

The Test Results

The results are in for the Fridge Locker and it's a go!  Kevin Allen is on a fast track to success since every $1 made on his products generates more than $2.00 in sales.  Good enough to keep on the air.

But wait, there's more...

The Rx Locker results are in -  2 of the biggest pharmacy chains in the country have agreed to take on the product.  Watch out for these products!

Media results are also in for the ShaveMate products and, as Sully says "failure was not an option."  For every $1.00 sold, over $3.00 is generated making the profitability of the product very high for the brothers.  Over 11 years of hard work has paid off for these brothers and the ShaveMate is on its way to top retailers throughout the United States.

We're Still Not Done!

Sully loves the ShaveMate so much he's going to put the point-of-sale display in his bathroom just to remember how cool the product is!

Thank you for joining us! Come Back for Next Week's LiveBlog of PitchMen

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