LiveBlog: Discovery Channel's PitchMen, Season 2, Episode 4. "The New Gun in Town."

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We're looking forward to liveblogging Discovery Channel's "PitchMen," Season 2, Episode 4:  "The New Gun in Town." I really, really wish we could give you more insight on the products being featured tonight but this is all Discovery Channel has to say regarding it:

"Sully and assistant Kennedy head to a Chicago home and houseware convention to hear some sometimes crazy pitches for the "next big thing", including an easy stringer and a tater tornado. Then Sully heads to the circus to test a revolutionary new needle."

There's not even an update on the products. So, we're going to be as in-the-dark about what to expect as y'all will.!

And we're off...

[Update:  We now know the products:]
  • 1 Second Needle
  • EZ Stringer
  • Boardwalk Tater Potato

Kennedy is with Sully again. And there's an AJ Khubani sighting!....

Oooh...the wow demonstration for his upcoming shoot (at the end) looks awesome.

Sully's dreading another line of inventor products

Products Fly Swatter that's a product Tuna Squeezer ....ick Cruzie - a beer cousy that won't tip Lap Top Legger - strap the laptop to a leg

Sully's pick...NONE

Off to the Home & Houseware show in Chicago...with Kennedy. Sully points out that she's now the eyes and ears on the west. And he boarded the ugliest jet known to man, again

"This is the Disneyland for gadgets" - Kennedy her findings  EZ Stringer A bun Steamer A watch phone..."I'm talking into my watch."

"I think it's safe to say that I'm a little bit jaded." - Sully. "I tend to see what's wrong with an invention more than I see what's right."

Kennedy's exciting find - a side threading needle. She invites the inventor to the pitch-a-thon. The panel - Sully, Kennedy, & TeleBRANDS AJ Khubani!

Products Milk Magic - a milk frother for cappuccino "It's ugly as sin." - Sully Wizard vest and peel - peels potatoes...oranges. "I could do faster with a peeler..." - Kennedy Then, Kennedy's recruit. "The sprialized threading needle." Phew, she brought a 6-foot oversized threader. Because it threads from the side, it's got AJ's attention. The competition - EZ Threader - threads from the back and could fall out.

Sully's finally smiling. You can tell he's interested because he starts asking about the condition of the inventor

Inventor: Pam Turner Blane, Minnesota Divorced. Three Kids. Became inspired because she had to quickly thread a needle to fix a button before going to work. She's been racking up debt to get the prototype going...She's over 300k in debt. WOW. Creditors are calling during the interview.

Commercial break - :11 after.

Still in Chicago at the pitch-a-thon.

AJ thinks its solution to an everyday problem.

"I think we could get men to sew." - Kennedy Sully thinks it's blindingly simple. AJ wants to give her a deal on the spot if the patents check out. Sully's afraid she'll shop it around. AJ's getting a team ready to seal up the product.

Back to the products Tamale massa spreader by "The Tamale Ambassador." AJ doesn't think the market is big enough

Another Kennedy invitee EZ Stringer lady came up to Chicago. It threads draw sings in, "seconds." Sully doesn't know if the problem is big enough. AJ loves the solution but doesn't think it's gonna sell. Kennedy wants one. Sully doesn't think there's a "Wow," demonstration to make it work. Lady leaves, Kennedy keeps raving. Sully thinks AJ might be missing something on it. But....they turn it down.

Mrs. Turner comes back without the patent. Sully's inviting her to stay another night in Minneapolis so they can sort it out.

They go back to the floor. Media Enterprises (Might Putty) CEO Bill McAlister & Sully start hanging out on the foor and ourand start wowed over the potato peeler at the pretzel stand. Sully's name for it, "Boardwalk Potato Tornado."

UPDATE:  we found it. It's a real product now

Commercial Break :18 after

Chicago Home Show, day 2.

Turner finds the patent and gets it sent it. They wait to hear if it works. They're in the Telebrands office on the floor (pretty nifty little place). The product has been done before. The patent has been done. BUT, AJ still loves it. He knows there's going to be some competition. (This means they're going to have to move forward). AJ's going to be a gambler. She's got her deal with TeleBRANDS & Sullivan Productions.

To Tampa Bay we go. Sully's still thinking about the EZ Stringer and is going to invite the inventor Inventor: Noelle Ross Home:  Chicago Product:  EZ Stringer Investment:  Her life savings

They're at the plant where she made the demo. She has packaging and fulfillment ready to go. Her whole family is involved.

She arrives in Tampa Bay.

Sully's concern: He's afraid it's only used once, though it pays for itself with one use. He thinks they're buying their pair of pants back. Ross has additional strings and stuff so people can color-coordinate their strings with the help of the EZ Stringer. Sully's question:  How to get the message in 6-7 seconds. Ross says that as long as she's doing a commercial she'll figure it out. Sully likes her look so he wants her to pitch it.

"We're gonna go for it, ma." - Ross

[UPDATE:  We found the EZ Stringer product site.] Commercial Break :28 after

In Tampa with the BoardWalk Tater Tornado. Sully's on conference call with McAllister.

Sully likes the product, loves the black. He's going to test it out.

Mrs. Ross is still in Tampa. Sully's trying to give her a crash-course in pitching. This might not be easy. She's got a week to get it right.

Sully's taking the Tater Tornado to the beach for the shoot. He's going to wing it, "..getting back to my roots." Rain's a concern.

Three torado watches out today. It means people aren't by to watch, be a focus group, and be in the background. Then the rain starts... "a tropical storm." Shoot over for the day.

To Southern California with Kennedy. She's using her husband's Signal Snowboard Factory as a focus group. She takes out their strings in their hoodies and has them try to put them back in.

great, stoners have to try to threat a hood. Wait....they're getting the hang of it. They wouldn't pay more than a dollar for it. "I'm gonna say you guys are a tough crowd." - Kennedy

Sully goes to Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Baily Circus offices - costume shop. The clowns have to make their own outfits. Sully's having them try out the spiral threader to see if they'll like it. He's doing time tests - first, the conventional needle. New Product NAME:  "Spiral Eye Needle." - They're doing it in 2 seconds or less.

"It's one of those ideas that make me go, 'Why didn't I think of that?'" - one of the clowns.

Sully renames the product, again:  "1 Second Needle."

Back to the beach for the shoot. Sunny Day, crowd is around. He's doing old-school summer fair pitching to the crowd. The product looks pretty cool. He keeps spiraling out potatoes. And he's doing tricks with it.

Commercial Break  :41 After

Commercial shoot:  1 Second Needle

Turner's in Tampa to see the shoot. Sunny day. Sully has the over-sized needle. At her suggestion, he uses the "Paul Bunyan -sized needle." Now, he's doing it blindfolded. "It's the only one you can thread blindfolded."

Telebrands has an exec on the set for consulting. Sully's about to slap him senseless.

"I thought I had the 10 minute needle with Raj...he's needling." - Sully

Arwen (Sully's right-hand man) actually agreed with Raj on the beginning be reshoot to show the product better.

"But hopefully I'll be very rich next month." - Pam Turner.

EZ Stringer Commercial pre-Shoot "How to make the piece of plastic look good on TV."

Noelle's first shot at pitching. It's sounding a little flat before the camera starts rolling

Tater Potato product testing:  Results day. It has good results. They proceed

EZ Stringer Shoot - Sully's House Sully thinks that if she can pull it off, it will really help her product.

(This is going to be an adventure.)

"Don't replace. Relace it with EZ Stringer." She might look like Erin Andrews, but she pitches it like she's trying to catch up to the teleprompt. Sully liked it. He thinks she crushed it. (Here's a thought:  Why didn't they pitch it together?)

Commercial Break :52 After - Results are coming

EZ Stringer Test Market Results .... He brings in Noell. WOW...that's a fine orange dress she's wearing...sorry. I'm back It's a great hit...he's got a terrible poker face. "You've got a's not a home run, but you have a hit." 30k media buy. It's going 2 to 1 and expected to go up with a top hit. "Promising....Welcome to the Club." - Sully "I just had the biggest high of my life." - Ross

One Second Needle Test Results Pam Turner is back to Tampa for the results (I've got a bad feeling about it. The narrator's billing it too much). Sully doesn't have the same in his he does...he's gota  facial tell.'s a hit. "That 1 second's now golden." "You can kiss the collectors 'goodbye.'" - Sully He even pulled out the Champagne

"This is mine to enjoy. I did it. Thank you, Sully." - Turner "Maybe it'll fell real on the day I don't owe anybody any money."


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