Lifestrength Bracelet [Review] Like iRenew - If It Works for YOU...

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Original advertised offer details & such:  $29.99+$7.99 P&H. BOGO:  $7.95 P&H. Sales tax:  UT Guarantee:  Lifetime

I find myself checking my grandfather's wrists to see if he's gone out and purchased another bracelet to test it against his iRenew . But between his heart valve transplant, the recent dog attack, the pacemaker and the continuous recovery, I think he's held to a mantra we tossed out there the last time we did a review of bracelets:  if it works for you...

What Is the Lifestrength Bracelet?

If we were prognosticate the future of as seen on TV bracelets, we'd assume that eventually the marketers will tell you that the next uber-awesome bracelet will charge your electric car, get a 4G signal in the desert, absorb CO2 and transform it into water and still have enough energy left over to rocket-propel a 300-lbs. man from Cleveland to Phoenix in one trip. If this is the end game for bracelets, then the Lifestrength Bracelet's claims would be the next step in the evolution of these wonders.

Made with natural minerals and gemstones and coupled with redundant money-back guarantees & lifetime guarantees,Lifestrength bracelets are meant to (possibly) promote health and wellness for individuals. And if they first one doesn't work, the second one in the BOGO is destined to do something, right?

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to, Lifestrength Bracelet claims the following features and benefits:

  • made with 7 natural minerals and gemstones
  • may promote health, balance & wellness
  • money-back guarantee
  • lifetime guarantee
  • comes in black & white

Does Lifestrength Bracelet Work? Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams...

Order Process:  We checked the typical online indicators and to this point we've found no issues with the order process. Nobody has candidly complained about the price points, the shipping & handling and they haven't said whether or not there's been an issue with the shipping time. If we hear different, we'll pass it along

Product Performance:  Truth told, sifting through the reviews on these emails is similar to discerning who's right in a religious discuss. We're not sure whom to believe, if anyone. 

For Life Strength Bracelet

Aside from the 100s of fluff reviews, we found a compelling video playlist that chronicles the claims of the Life Strength Bracelet. They show how ion-charged the bracelet and run a few additional tests. And, yes, what play-list in favor of a product would be complete without a couple fluff pieces. That's why there's a next button. Take a look:

Against Life Strength Bracelet

We found others who had their own bit of research and testing that claimed otherwise. Folks of Dixie State College of Utah the deep Dixie south of Utah???. Ok. who took some magazine claims and the like and said that Lifestrength Bracelet, for fear of putting words in their mouths, ain't much more than snake oil. We also found a science blogger scientifically said the bracelets were wholehearted bogus we'll just go with it . But his prose was compelling:

", have been exposed in Australia as having no scientific basis whatsoever, and are thoroughly an exercise in pseudoscience."

What Australian Test? This one, we think:

Customer Service:  

1224 South River Road, STE B100 Saint George, Utah 84790 United States of America

email: phone:  888.500.9720

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