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Ever spent two months in Southwest Florida eating meals cooked from a George Foreman Grill? You should try it. You'll discovery a newfound appreciation for infomercial cooking equipment.

As Seen on TV LIfe loves checking out the newest cookware products that show up on your television screen.

If you have a cooking product you would like to know more about. Let us know. We'll run in through the rigors for you!

What makes Smart Skewers so, you know...yeah.

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One has to practices when it comes to such a delicate art form. So, when it comes to Smart Skewers, we wonder: does it allow for such precision? Let’s turn up the heat and find out...

Ice Cream Magic is one of those classic little powder & cream & ice concoctions that create an ice cream-like flavor - enough to be passable - in an ice-cream mold so the kids can enjoy the process from creation to consumption. To mix it up a little bit, they provide a recipe book to help keep it fun for kids. The product is pushed by Idea Village. Their other successes have included Pillow Pets.

Have you ever had the continental breakfast at a hotel in the morning? Have you ever used the waffle machine? You know the ones that have the perfect-sized cups for the perfect pour to give everyone the perfect-sized waffle. It looks even tastier for the eater. It's cleaner for the staff to wipe up. Everybody wins.

Blowing the top off Mr. Lid [Review]

Posted on: Feb 27, 2013 at 07:21 - comments
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You know what Tupperware is? Great. You know what Mr. Lid is... with one caveat: the Mr. Lid sets keep their Lids attached to the containers. Now, you know that much already or you wouldn't be reading this so the other stuff we'll confirm is according to the networks above us, the Mr. Lid container is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, seals well and because the designs are so relatively uniform they are stackable

The Minden Anytime Grill works much the same way an smokeless grill works. On a stove top. With the best of grilling treats. Especially good for when it's raining or cold as a Siberian cold front. Like most kitchen tools, it will take a little practice to get it right but over time and with the help of the legendary Cathy Mitchel and her Secrets & Tips for Anytime Grilling, you'll be off to a wonderful adventure.

Cost saving options like Ronco's Chip-Tastic sound appealing. If I really want to snack on food, I'll have to earn it. Also, Bella can tell me how I'll want to make them. What we're wondering is whether or not Chip-Tastic can hold up to our brand of cooking.

Flippin' [Review] Flip Jack by OrGREENiC

Posted on: Jan 31, 2013 at 03:14 - comments
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Ever tried to flip a pancake? This one makes it so all you have to do is quick-like flip the pan over to the other side. Then let it warm up a couple minutes - pending instructions - and before you know it you've got killer looking pancakes. Perhaps, perfect pancakes (ziiiiiiiiing).

What? You've never heard of Debbie Meyer Green Bags? Really? Really? Have you been living in a hole? Or worst yet: a land of clear plastic bags that don't keep the certain produce around for longer than the anticipated expiration date? They're green so that means we saved a whale and a few trees for purchasing them (not really) .

StoneLine bills itself as restaurant-quality cookware that is not at non-commercial prices. It claims over 1 million (we presume 'sets') sold and comes with a 30 day trial. If you cancel within the 30 days you get the $29.97 back but you forfit the $27.75 - if you order from the product website.

Have you ever seen those single cup coffee makers? Ever wondered what people did when they ran out of pre-packed serving cups yet have a bag of coffee grounds, but can't put the two together? This is what Cafe Cups do: they are reusable single serving containers of coffee. Dishwashable safe and fit most single cup machines - so far as we know.

Best Price Comparisons. Reviews almost funnier than ours.

Try it. Bookmark it. Make it a part of your research arsenal.


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Favorites & Classics

Decompressing w/ Dr. Ho's Back Belt [Review] - (I could have said, "pimpin' ").

Before I'd ever use a product like Dr. Ho's Back Belt, I would consult my chiropractor - who I haven't seen in awhile. What we found is that most people wouldn't take such an approach...

[Review] NutriBullet - It's Better Than Your Blender Because???? WTF?

I would swear that the NutriBullet is just a Magic Bullet with a different plastic skin and fonts & iconography. I assume that if I want to make veggie smoothies I could just use a Magic Bullet, but apparently I can't. Or something like that. I'm still looking.

Review - InstaBulb w/ Anthony Sullivan - Another Classic My Grandfather Used

This is one of those times where my grandfather bought something he wanted to see on TV and it was a great idea. I went into the garage and click the switch when I realized the light-bulb didn't look like an ordinary light-bulb.

Neutrogena SkinID [Review] - Free Skin ID Evaluation

With so many acne products out and about, on television, on the shelves, at the impulse counter, next to the Redbox and vending machines...It's enough to make one wonder as to why the competition is so fierce. Is it because no single product works well enough? Or is it because people have a hard time telling which product works for them. Maybe Neutrogena is onto something with the SkinID.

Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome?

Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome? Or was it Awesome Auger inventor Tommie Matasko and his inspiring story that lead to the Auger's invention? Please visit the As Seen on TV Life Summary Review and find out.

ZorbEEZ! Some Billy Mays Products Should Live Forever!

Before Vince came out with his copycat ShamWOW and his Time/Life operator headphones, there was a super-absorbent cloth that took care of the chills and spills your clumsy day created. And all you needed to know was that Billy Mays thought it was awesome.

The Recent Articles

Flex Seal Colors [Review]: Damn, is that truck inspired by Yellow Submarine?

Gawdamned Flex Seal. Four years later, we’ve had clear, brite, and now 9 additional colors to add to the arsenal. So, I guess it only goes to ask: is it worth the hype? And, can one color match?

What makes Smart Skewers so, you know...yeah.

One has to practices when it comes to such a delicate art form. So, when it comes to Smart Skewers, we wonder: does it allow for such precision? Let’s turn up the heat and find out...

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