Jackrack (or Jack Rack) [Review] w/ Chuck Liddell. "Badass" Could Describe It

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Price: varies. Includes: Silver, Gold & Platinum packages including the base unit, 2 hand grips 4 DVDs & a nutrition plan. Sales tax:  MA.

I'm not one to lightly use swear words in a product review. Wait, Hell yeah I am, but in my defense it really is hard to describe my first impressions of Chuck Liddell's Jackrack (or Jack rack) fitness machine without using the word "badass."

Maybe it's because Chuck Liddell is badass, but I don't hero-worship. Maybe it's because I'm in Southwest Florida right now working on shedding this fat suit. Maybe it's because I just came back from a Cheeseburger in Paradise with a quick stop at Dairy Queen on the way home and I'm ready to burn those calories. Maybe not.

Perhaps its because I don't always like having to do workouts in stuffy gyms with many people invading my space. Oooh, that may be it.

But I think anyway you slice it, dice it, puree, what makes me like the Jackrack is because it's so jaw-droppingly simple that it's shocking nobody has come up with it yet.

What Is the Jackrack?

The Jackrack is a simple fitness machine that helps users perform exercises that allows the user's own body to provide the resistance. Pushups, pull-ups, dips, inclines, declines...50 exercises in total. Typically, the more one can use their own body as resistance, the more effective the workout is. And unlike more fitness products, Jackrack adapts as your body adapts, meaning you can get great long term results.

Why Can't a Table, Couch or Chairs Provide This?

To an extent, they can. Ever tried to do exercies in a hotel room at night? Then you've had to resort to some of these tricks. But what makes Jackrack so special is that it can provide not only different grip positions (place the grips on close in on the poles or spread out farther apart) but they can provide them all at different heights - therefore, different resistance levels .

For example, say you want to work on pushups but you're still not very strong. You can set the grips so they are at the highest part of the pole, providing less resistance. Do those for a few days until you get stronger, and then you can lower your grips until eventually, you are doing regular pushups.

Try finding 5 different heights of chairs to provide the same resistance training - SAFELY.

Not only that, ever tried to do dips with two chairs? If you're not very strong, this becomes a risky exercise. With the Jackrack, you can work your way to the level .

Not Sure How to Perform All Those Exercises?

Don't worry, do you think Chuck Liddell wouldn't have finally put his name on a fitness product without it providing some instruction? They made some videos. And Chuck isn't the only one behind it. They brought in some fitness superstar help to help explain, train, teach and provide workouts.

  • Kim Lyons - former trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser
  • Jim Stoppani - Senior Science Editor for Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Check out Jack Rack video shoot behind the scenes with Kim Lyons & Chuck Liddell (from Kim Lyons YouTube account ).

But The Jackrack Isn't Small? Won't It Get in the Way?

The ability to store it is actually a cool feature. You can actually compact the Jack Rack so it slides easily under the bed, couch, or stored in the closet...

Review - Jackrack Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams...

This is going to be one of those where we're going to ask for a little crowdsourcing help. The product is new (at the time of this posting) so there isn't much out there besides marketing fluff. No real complaints out there. We're wondering if people are going to get a little scared at the price. NOTE: After the free trial there will be 4 monthly payments. So if you think you're paying $50 bucks for the product, you're mistaken. BUT, if it was me and I only paid $50 for this product, I'd be afraid it wouldn't be able to stand the wear and tear that I'd put on it.

So far, the Jackrack seems to be a "pay for what you get product."

The bad news :  We believe, (and if we're wrong we'll change it) you won't get the P&H money back if you return it. Hopefully, you won't want to.

Turn & Burn Technology :  Oh, yeah. There's "Turn & Burn" technology, which is a Maverick & Goose way of saying the grips can work up or down and in multiple positions on the poles. The name is cheesy, but so long as they can withstand the wear and tear, they are essential in providing variations of the workouts!

Jackrack Won't Do the Work For You!!!

Jack Rack is one of those tools where you're going to get out what you put into it. You won't get stronger if it just sits there playing clothes rack. Put the effort in. Also, pending doctor's approval, make sure you watch your eating and get some cardio in (which reminds me, there's some walking shoes calling my name) to help maximize the results. It's not false advertising, it's a good, healthy lifestyle change :-) (you can yell at us in the comments :-P )

Where to Buy Jack Rack?

What Will It Take For You to Get Jacked About Jackrack?

  • Will it be Chuck Liddell?
  • Will it be the desire to get healthier?
  • Will it be so you can fight in the UFC?
  • Will it be so you can fit into your clothes again?

Or, like me, are you ready to shed your fat suit and get back to wearing the custom sleeved polos (the half-length sleeves) without looking like you are saying hello and waving goodbye at the same time? (Okay, maybe I'm being harsh on myself...)

Whatever your reasons, we'd love to hear about your Jackrack experiences and see if they work half as well as we believe they will!

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