The roast of Green Coffee by MaxTrim [Review]

by nat finn on February 27, 2013

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Product site offer details & such: Offers depend on quantity. Sales tax: Varies. Guarantee: 30-day (minus S&H).

If you’ve read our other coffee product reviews then you know that I’ve had 1 cup of coffee in my life. At the time it was the best day I had had in a long, long time and I will forever be grateful even if the reason has faded behind the horizon of history. As a project partner on an area Economic Development project pointed out Monday morning:

“Finn, you’re the only person who spends days at a cafe and never drinks the coffee.”

It’s true. Bite me.

So there’s a better than average chance that I’m not the person to consult when it comes to coffee. But green coffee? Well, now that’s a different bean all together. Actually, it isn’t…we’ll explain why as we go through Green Coffee by MaxTrim.

What Is Green Coffee by MaxTrim?

No, Sam-I-Am, Green Coffee is not dyed green and it might go good with green eggs and ham. In fact, it might be one of those cases where you have to wash down the drink with food. Why is that? Because green coffee beans are the original state of most all coffee beans before they are roasted for coffee. Why are they roasted? To bring out the flavors within the been so they are easier to brew and taste…well, depends on how much it is roasted.

What’s the advantage of Green Coffee? The theory is that there are goodies in a pre-roasted bean that are shown to absorb fat and stimulate metabolism in the liver. It’s also been shown (so the site says) that it inhibit the release of glucose and thus accelerate thermogenesis – the natural burning of fat energy.

Max Trim’s line is meant to do just that. And there it is, our excerpt of the extract.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to the product site, Green Coffee by MaxTrim (official affiliate link)
claims the following features and benefits:

  • burns fat
  • 100% natural
  • maximize results
  • no side effects
  • cholorgenic acid should be intact

Does Green Coffee Work? Reviews, News & Issues from Bloggers, Videos & Other Key Industry Sites…

Order Process: The watchdog sites haven’t had anything to say about the MaxTrim green coffee site. Given that the site defaults to the cheapest of the three product offerings. Make sure you realize that the single bottle is the only one with a shipping price and you should be in good shape. Also, taxes can vary. Pay attention to the upsell process, avoid quick clicking and you should be okay.

Product Performance: Like any other health food or dietary supplement, enhancer or the like, its performance depends in part on the dedication of the user. Guess what? If you take the recommended allotment of the green coffee while downing half a pizza, you’re not going to lose weight. You might be able digest a bit more of the cheese and grease, but you’re not going to lose weight. And, no, don’t down the bottle in hopes it’s going to that it’s going to make an accelerated difference. It will probably just accelerate your time in the bathroom.

As for the rest, Green Coffee is just the latest in a line of superfoods. Consult with your physician. Make sure you make other dietary changes to your life as well. And know you’re probably going into a war for your life, not just a mood change.

Green Coffee Been third party video review

We wanted to know more about green coffee, damnit.

Consulted Sources Included…

Final Thoughts – What to Expect…Perhaps

We expect some folks will run right through our unprofessional guidelines and try the extract in all sorts of desperate, obnoxious ways to turn around and blame it on the supplement when it doesn’t work. We expect a few will be making other dietary changes as they go and will glorify green coffee for their success. You could probably get just as much out of drinking 64 ounces of water a day instead of pop and black coffee, and it would probably taste better. That said, take a moment and if you decide it’s what you need to shake up your diet and you’ve consulted a physician, we hope you enjoy your experience.

Product Site Customer Service:
Phone: 1-888-999-5851.

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