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Product site offer details & such:   Includes: Special offer:  Second Flip Jack for $12.99 + S&H. Offer available after initial purchase.

M'mmmm, pancakes in the morning. Gawd, food reviews make me hungry. I'm just glad I didn't get this one in the morning... Flip Jack comes from the OrGREENiC line which has been around for about 3 years or so. They have their stick-resistant line that claims to be economically conscious. The fact the line is branching out is a testament to their acceptance. Time to find out why I can't just flip my own flippin' jacks...

What Is Flip Jack?

Ever tried to flip a pancake? This one makes it so all you have to do is quick-like flip the pan over to the other side. Then let it warm up  a couple minutes - pending instructions - and before you know it you've got killer looking pancakes. Perhaps, perfect pancakes (ziiiiiiiiing).

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to www.flipjackpan.com, the Flip Jack Pancake Pan claims the following features and benefits:

  • easiest way to get flawless pancakes
  • from OrGREENiC's ceramic cookware
  • hinged system
  • also for eggs, French toast and more
  • 30-day guarantee (minus S&H)

Flip Jack Pan by OrGREENic Commercial Video

Does Flip Jack Work? Reviews, News & Issues from Bloggers, Vloggers & Other Key Industry Sites...

Order Process:  TELEBrands has really softened their order process in the last year. The lack of issues reported on line can be a testament to it. They're doing the BOGO as a special offer after the initial purchase. Then the upsell is quick and painless. Tip of the hat. 

Product Performance:  We look at it as akin to the George Foreman grill - to a point. The only thing we're wondering is how the Hell both sides keep warm. We know it will get a little warm but the underneath side will be warmer. Then again, there's a chance that topside actually warms up as much as needed to get the underside of the pancakes juuuuust right so as to keep both sides of even color.

The bloggers have been mum otherwise. Maybe George Foreman knocked them out.   Check out the video below:

Flip Jack and other TELEBrands products on TV

Consulted Sources Included...

Final Thoughts - What to Expect...Perhaps

Like with most every successful As Seen on TV product, the OrGREENiC line has been expanding from just frying pans. With the Flip Jack, people who couldn't flip a quarter, let alone a pancake might now have a chance. We suspect one can also use it for stir fry, pasta sauces and the like.

And it could also be used to help cover sauces as well. Wow, I'm finding a bunch of reasons to use it aside from pancakes. And dinner time is around the corner. Gotta go!

Customer Service:   Address:

TELEBrands Customer Service 79 Two Bridges Road. Fairfield, NJ 07004

(official affiliate link)

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