You've seen it late at night. You've wondered about it. You've wondered if the collectible is worth adding to your collection. 

That's when you should come to As Seen on TV Life!  Find out whether that collection is going to yield an ROI or whether it's just a replica you can purchase for fun. Either way, we'll let you know.

And if you've seen or read about a collection and you want to know more about it, let us know. We'll research it for you!

A trillion dollar coin? Really? It's took on some incredible heat. We're feeling a bit blessed by the checks and balances of the nation to have the Treasury step in and say, 'uh, really?' They say they've printed a couple but here's to hoping that it stays out of circulation.

That's the value of the $50 Gold Buffalo Coin Tribute Proof (official affiliate link). Most of use don't have $1,500 to spend on a $50 gold coin proof, but we like the way it looks and feel - it's a tactile thing. The tribute coin is gold-layered with 14mg of gold my poster was only a 4 color print and is similar in look and texture. Just don't try to tip a waitress with it!

Well, when we got told about Mike Huckabee's animated children's tv / DVD series , 'Learn Our History,' they all decided that since I didn't watch School House Rocks enough growing up that I would have to make up for it now.

It's hard to look at this 1941 Chevy Flatbed Carrier Collectible and not think of those days and not think of the things we would have come up with if a '32 coupe would have been on the bed.

It's often stated that those who don't learn from history are damned to repeat it. They also say that those who always keep looking back are prevented from going forward. When it comes to the Nazis, it's hard not to dwell on the topic. Everybody has an opinion. Strong opinions. And when the BBC goes to tell such a story and Time Life picks it up, the debate is liable to rage on for decades.

We can't get my grandfather the the movie theaters. We can't get him to watch much of anything else aside from Fox News, CNN & sports. But there are exceptions:  like the movie, 'The Dirty Dozen,' and World War II documentaries. Not only does he remember the stories from first hand experience, but he likes to point out what he remembers and where he was at during those significant points in the war. I should be writing them down more. Maybe I'll sit him down in front of the World at War DVD collection, and start writing.

Apparently, some of use one of America's more believed cultist obsessions to commemorate events. Like with the, 'Proud to Be American,' Chia Series, the 'Freedom of Choice' series expounds upon political momentum in yet another Presidential election that could determine the next 50 years of this country's future. The question it cheap or charming?

Once in awhile, you just need to hear some good news. Especially in an era of war and depression and 99 week unemployment plans, something positive is a rarefied luxury. I was glad when I got the assignment to make sure Christian the Lion was a fun, inspiring story. I think y'all will like it as well.

The story of World War II has been told time and time again. But here's the thing: it can't be told enough. As time marches on, the next round of our nation's youth becomes further and further detached from the events that shape our world today. And for our seniors, it's worthing remembering. Bring the family around and hear the story of World War II told by Broadway star Leonard Graves in the award-winning Victory at Sea television series, remastered and restored to DVD.

Most of those films can no be found on the Shirley Temple Little Darling Collection DVD Series. So long as 'The Good Ship Lollipop,' doesn't stick in my head while I'm writing this.

Best Price Comparisons. Reviews almost funnier than ours.

Try it. Bookmark it. Make it a part of your research arsenal.


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