[Review] Bellavani Anti-Aging Serum – don’t get old reviewing it, Terrell Owens

by nat finn on March 3, 2013


Product site offer details & such: Depends on product site and offer options.

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I have an ex-girlfriend who, when we were dating, had a friend from high school with a tanning salon. She used to get in for free provided she would only go 15 minutes. I got competitive and would go up to 40 minutes a day just to get darker than her. I won. She was pissed. I looked like a leather purse for 2 weeks until I toned it down. That was my first introduction to facial craem.

We eventually called it a draw. Then she called it a day.

I still am a firm believer and user of creams. I’m the only one near my age who doesn’t have signs of aging around the eyes. Time will catch up with me. What I want to know is whether or not I could run a better race using Bellavani.

Time and, hopefully, the results will tell.

What Is Bellavani Anti-Aging Serum?

This one bills itself as a cost-effective alternative to getting botox injections. IT is supposed to clear up crows feet and tighten the lines under the eyes. The product sites offer free trials so one can learn the results for themselves.

Bellavani is the creation of Douglas Fife, MD.

Wait, who the Hell is Douglas Fife, MD

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to official product websites, Bellavani Anti-Aging Serum (official affiliate link) claims the following features and benefits:

  • dermatologist recommended 0 Douglas Fife, MD
  • protected against free radicals
  • look younger in days
  • models and aspiring actors like to get face time with it
  • effective

Bellavani anti-aging at Emmy gifting suite

Does Bellavani Anti-Aging Serum Work? Reviews, News & Issues from Blogs, Videos & Other Key Industry Sites…

Order Process: This is the part we hate most of all. It’s a bit Nancy Pelosi, “you have to sign [up for it] to know what’s inside.” Take your time. Click slow. You won’t know the offer options on the product site until you put in the initial info. Good news: they don’t ask for credit cards in that first step. It’s a two-step checkout. You can take your time with it

Product Performance:
Ehhh….welcome to the fence. Sit right in the middle of it.

We’ve found many many folks who are willing to endorse it. We’ve seen it show up at the Emmy gift rooms. We’re still not completely sure. If one were to believe the endorsements then you could rub the stuff on your feet and walk on water. The reviews are too fluffy for use to want to touch the hem of the product’s garment, but we give it the benefit of the doubt.

Consulted Sources Included…

Final Thoughts – What to Expect…Perhaps

Drink more water and less beer. Eat less s***ty food. Sleep more. Do that for a few months and you’ll probably start to see some improvements. We expect short term results, similar to the stuff we use in the morning. It’s how I keep looking in my 20s. If you want to try something new to keep the crows feet at bay, why not? It’s always good to freshen things up.

I hate middle-of-the-road results. It’s tough to say. Just don’t expect miracles.

Product Site Customer Service:
Great question. Keep receipts.

Where to Find Bellavani Anti-Aging Serum at the Best Price(s)

  • Web offer – Product site (official affiliate link)
  • Best Price, typically – Amazon.com (official affiliate link).

    Shop & compare offers while you’re there.

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