You know that Pajama Pants are apparel / clothing. You know that Tastiwave is a kitchen product. But once in awhile you come across a product that just can't be classified. They're unique, original, bizarre, strange. Here at As Seen on TV Life, we just call them, "Awesome."

For example, we'll put Criss Angel's Magic Kit into the "Awesome" Category, but we won't put in the Awesome Auger. Why? Because the Awesome Auger belongs in the Garden section.

Keep checking back as we find more Awesome stuff to put in here!

How do I explain this for our more domestic readers: the massager hits the spot for women, but not the spot. The other spot. The doorbell. I mean, if you want to go to the other one feel free. It's designed to do both. We're pretty sure it's named a massager so as to keep from calling it by it's more after-hours name. The folks at Trojan, they're marketing geniuses.

This time around with the Schticky, Vince & company is in an unfamiliar position despite his history with prostitutes : They're the ones being copied!

Either way, congratulations, Vince Offer, when the ERA finally makes an As Seen on TV Hall of Fame, you'll have to get inducted. The marketing for the revamped lint roller is just brilliant. Teeters on unconscionable, but plumb f*****' brilliant. But will anyone give a schtick ?

You know a product is popular when The Consumerist writes about it. Forever Lazy made such a plateau. The Consumerist questioned whether the product name targeted the product or its market. NY Daily News took a couple moments seriously, both seconds to point it out. But what do you want to bet that folks from both these organizations turned right around and bought themselves one or, in the offer reviewed, two for one? Yeah. In the end, everyone is a liar to some degree.

Phantom Saucer [Review] How Does the Phantom Saucer Work?

Posted on: Aug 30, 2011 at 02:34 - comments
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With the Phantom Saucer, I now pretty sure I know how they did those early Sci-Fi special effects. But can you recreate what you see in the commercial?

Yes, You Can Get a Custom Snuggie [Review]

Posted on: Jun 23, 2011 at 02:37 - comments
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It's almost hard not to expect that Snuggie was going to have customization options. What else would people like more than to have their name on their Snuggie. Self-Branding is all the rage.

Holy Three Cheese Hell-mlet , Who hasn't yet talked about Happy Hot Dog Man? Seriously, at this point I'm waiting for a Presidential Conference on this because it's everywhere.

I had an incredible intro set up for this, but I'm going with the canned, 'uh..I forgot,' because I don't remember what I was going to use. I guess that means I'll have to used Millionaire Memory with Dave Farrow. (Insert canned laughter here).

The significance of 9/11 will never be properly put into context. The event transcends words. We won't even attempt to do it justice. What we will do is take a look at the issue most people have with the 9/11 10th Anniversary $2 Bill: Is It a Scam?

Did you ever have that one kid in your neighborhood that you would pretend to be friends with and fake an interest in his hobbies so your friends could steal his parents' Playboys when he wasn't looking? Neither did I (:-D) but, wow, imagine how much harder it would have been to steal them if every issue was sitting on a little jump drive. Even cooler, imagine how much easier it would have been to hide them if you could have every issue on one portable hard drive.

Best Price Comparisons. Reviews almost funnier than ours.

Try it. Bookmark it. Make it a part of your research arsenal.


[Review] Will you get older just using RedMD Anti-Aging Light Therapy?

Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver [Review] (Damnit. I Already Used my Lowe-Down Pun)

Kobalt Double Drive Ratchet [Review] - The Lowe-down

How to Order Proactiv While Avoiding the Auto-Ship "Scam"

Mighty Sealer Vs. Flex Seal. Is It a Fair Comparison?

Snuggie for Two - Couple Snuggies for Date Night (Bleh!!!!)

Favorites & Classics

Decompressing w/ Dr. Ho's Back Belt [Review] - (I could have said, "pimpin' ").

Before I'd ever use a product like Dr. Ho's Back Belt, I would consult my chiropractor - who I haven't seen in awhile. What we found is that most people wouldn't take such an approach...

[Review] NutriBullet - It's Better Than Your Blender Because???? WTF?

I would swear that the NutriBullet is just a Magic Bullet with a different plastic skin and fonts & iconography. I assume that if I want to make veggie smoothies I could just use a Magic Bullet, but apparently I can't. Or something like that. I'm still looking.

Review - InstaBulb w/ Anthony Sullivan - Another Classic My Grandfather Used

This is one of those times where my grandfather bought something he wanted to see on TV and it was a great idea. I went into the garage and click the switch when I realized the light-bulb didn't look like an ordinary light-bulb.

Neutrogena SkinID [Review] - Free Skin ID Evaluation

With so many acne products out and about, on television, on the shelves, at the impulse counter, next to the Redbox and vending machines...It's enough to make one wonder as to why the competition is so fierce. Is it because no single product works well enough? Or is it because people have a hard time telling which product works for them. Maybe Neutrogena is onto something with the SkinID.

Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome?

Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome? Or was it Awesome Auger inventor Tommie Matasko and his inspiring story that lead to the Auger's invention? Please visit the As Seen on TV Life Summary Review and find out.

ZorbEEZ! Some Billy Mays Products Should Live Forever!

Before Vince came out with his copycat ShamWOW and his Time/Life operator headphones, there was a super-absorbent cloth that took care of the chills and spills your clumsy day created. And all you needed to know was that Billy Mays thought it was awesome.

The Recent Articles

Flex Seal Colors [Review]: Damn, is that truck inspired by Yellow Submarine?

Gawdamned Flex Seal. Four years later, we’ve had clear, brite, and now 9 additional colors to add to the arsenal. So, I guess it only goes to ask: is it worth the hype? And, can one color match?

What makes Smart Skewers so, you know...yeah.

One has to practices when it comes to such a delicate art form. So, when it comes to Smart Skewers, we wonder: does it allow for such precision? Let’s turn up the heat and find out...

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