As Seen on TV apparel / clothes [reviews] have been fashion trends long before Snuggie graced the national scene in 2008. Yeah, it is hard to believe.

At As Seen on TV Life we keep on top of the latest in clothing trends. From Snuggies & Pajama Jeans to Aluma Wallet and more. We also go back and check out the classic products including the 234,213,333 installments of Snuggies as well as their imitators. We'll even let those "imitators" tell their side of the stories.

Have a piece of infomercial clothing / accessories you'll like us to check out. Let us know!

Hair accessorizing with Hot Buns [Review]

Posted on: Mar 03, 2013 at 07:59 - comments
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Who the Hell came up with the name of this one? Given cinnamon rolls as well as the sensual connotations of the name, we were a bit stunned when we heard the name. Product promotion and branding theory aside, Hot Buns are hair accessories that are meant to enhance the size and shape of a person's bun hairstyle. It is also meant to keep them in longer than with traditional hair accessories. And, no, cinnamon isn't the secret ingredient on this one but now I'm hungry.

Ever seen those cycling and running clothes that sorta feel like chilled polyester? The kind Lance Armstrong wore - shout out for the foundation. Here's to hoping they survive the nightmare - that seems to be the uniform worn at the gym? Well that same type of material, lycra, is used in Jox Sox. That in itself is enough to make us want try them out.

From the HD Vision line of sunglasses, the Foldaway are the compact glasses of the group. They're designed to, wait for it, fold away and tuck in compact storage spaces in the car such as the overhead folder, the shelf below the stereo, the glove compartment. If you have a Mustang GT like me, these might be the first sunglasses that fit in the shelf on the door. Might be..

The Nip/Tuck of Tummy Tuck Belt [Review]

Posted on: Jan 30, 2013 at 03:41 - comments
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Tummy Tuck Belt is similar to other like detoxification wraps helps squeeze extra water and other like elements. Apply some thermal accelerator cream, throw the wrap around your stomach - hit the skin - and after the recommenced amount of time the stomach should have a little less then what was there before.

Strutz wants to help users strut their stuff each and every day. They provide socks, foot creams, beach walking supports and compression bands. Their website has a blog, social media and seem to really integrate with their clients. This seems to be a group of people who truly love their product and are intent on building a brand. And, anyone who quotes Bob Marley on their Facebook Page is pretty cool.

Started in 2010, Tommie Copper is a line of compression clothing invented by Tom Kallish. They are infused with copper (periodic element #29 - where the 29 in the logo comes from). Tom's inspration came from the aches and pains he was developing during his weekend warrior trips. He wasn't getting any younger and his recovery time was taking longer. Tell you what, there comes no better inspiration for a product then when the inventor himself wants to use it.

It's a shaper like most the other shapers. It's 96% nylon, 4% spandex so it fits comfortably. Among the unique product offerings the one that caught us was the fact that the Cami-Shaper was willing to be machine washable. If the watchdogs stay quiet even with that fact out there, we'll be impressed by the Cami Shaper

Stretch Genies are like those old-time shoe stretchers with a new time twist: a special spray which softens up the leather , making it easier to stretch without damaging the material. It's supposed to work on leather, suede & natural skin. It also works on gloves as well, though the only knobs you'll probably be able to get in them are the stubby ones at the ends of your wrists.

[Review] PoniLox Hair Comb & The Broken AC.

Posted on: Jul 21, 2012 at 10:02 - comments
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Well, there's only so many ways can say, 'long hair comb with a a long base to help flip hair over for a nice, 'up,' look.' Well, there's that way. It will take a little practice to get it right but with the five-step directions, PoniLox makes it professional and stylish hair styles with hair that no one has time to wash.

Gel Perfect is the first product we know of that attempts to make a professional-quality gel-color manicure in just minutes. 5 minutes in this case. The shine is supposed to dazzle and illuminate without the needs for UV/LED lights. Gel Perfect is also supposed to dry just as quickly, given the look you need in the time it takes to watch a sitcom on NetFlix - commercial free.

Best Price Comparisons. Reviews almost funnier than ours.

Try it. Bookmark it. Make it a part of your research arsenal.


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I would swear that the NutriBullet is just a Magic Bullet with a different plastic skin and fonts & iconography. I assume that if I want to make veggie smoothies I could just use a Magic Bullet, but apparently I can't. Or something like that. I'm still looking.

Review - InstaBulb w/ Anthony Sullivan - Another Classic My Grandfather Used

This is one of those times where my grandfather bought something he wanted to see on TV and it was a great idea. I went into the garage and click the switch when I realized the light-bulb didn't look like an ordinary light-bulb.

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With so many acne products out and about, on television, on the shelves, at the impulse counter, next to the Redbox and vending machines...It's enough to make one wonder as to why the competition is so fierce. Is it because no single product works well enough? Or is it because people have a hard time telling which product works for them. Maybe Neutrogena is onto something with the SkinID.

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Awesome Auger - Was It PitchMen's Billy Mays that Made it Awesome? Or was it Awesome Auger inventor Tommie Matasko and his inspiring story that lead to the Auger's invention? Please visit the As Seen on TV Life Summary Review and find out.

ZorbEEZ! Some Billy Mays Products Should Live Forever!

Before Vince came out with his copycat ShamWOW and his Time/Life operator headphones, there was a super-absorbent cloth that took care of the chills and spills your clumsy day created. And all you needed to know was that Billy Mays thought it was awesome.

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