Aluma Wallet w/ RFID Protection. Does It Really Protect Against RFID Theft?

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Price: $10 for 2. $6.99 P&H on the 1st one. $4.99 on the second one that I believe comes in as a "processing fee." The total order usually comes out to $21.98 typically. There's also a deluxe version in the upsell process.
I still carry around my 10-year-old Buxton Wallet that my grandmother got me for Christmas years back. It can carry a cord of firewood, is falling apart after too many "I forgot I left it in my pockets after an all-nighter," next-morning washes, and is tall enough to ride the rides at Disney, but it's sentimental to me. Though I catch myself thinking, "If she was still around today, she would probably buy me an Aluma Wallet."

It wouldn't be the aluminum that would catch her attention. It wouldn't be that it looks like a cigarette case and it wouldn't be that it claims to be water-resistant, it's that it protects against RFID theft. She wouldn't know what RFID is, but if it protects me, she's buying it.

What is RFID theft?

I'm going to hold off on that for a moment. Quick moment. We'll get back to it. Let's hit the review essentials first:

Aluma Wallet Claims

According to, the product claims to do the following:

  • Made of Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • Ultra-Slim Outer Case
  • Waterproof to Keep Your Valuables Dry
  • Compact Size Is Great for Both Men & Women (cap the I in, "is," TELEBrands :-) )
  • Nearly Indestructible!
  • Keeps RFID Cards Safe (watch the flash animation at the top)
  • Free Shipping when you upgrade your order

Review – Aluma Wallet (RFID) Complaints, Reviews, Rip-Offs, Scams…

The complaints at this point are typical. " I ordered aluma wallet on line and was charged for more items than what i ordered " - user. UPDATE:  There are more complaints. They stem from 2 sources:  1) Issues over the backorder given the skyrocketing demand for the product. You'll have to be patient for a little while longer. 2) Order confusion:  You're getting a 2 for 1 OFFER from the website so if you want 2 Aluma Wallets, just order the main offer. )

The offer is $10 for 2, plus a TOTAL of $11.90 P&H, then pending on where you live, there's a tax. It should come out to about $21.98 when you order. And per industry standard, once you put in your credit card, you've purchased the main offer. Then you're headed to the upsell process. Typical upsell processes are "opt-out" which eans if you quick-clicked to get to the order summary, you've purchased all the upsells along the way. That's what this guy on Rip-Off Report probably did.  You have to click the "no" button on each stage, including expedited shipping stages.

Now back to the question "Does Aluma Wallet protect against RFID?

None of the typical complaints hit any red flags with us. Especially if the complainer is going to not take the time to edit their complaint. But here's what we're trying to find out:   "Does Aluma Wallet protect against RFID Theft?"

UPDATE 211/10/21: Our original post from this summer was easily one of the most talked about we've ever had. The complaints have been the same as stated above, there's just more of them . Take your time when ordering, don't run them through the washer. Don't drop them off a cliff. Take them easy. And well repost all our comments in time. We promise.

Once again, What is RFID theft?

  Ever driven along a toll road and used a pass that charges you as you go? Those machines are making the transactions via RFID:  Radio Frequency ID. It's being used in credit cards because we've gotten so lazy as a society that we find that swiping a credit card takes too long. It works as a radio wave, transmitting your information from your device to the transaction machine. But here's the problem, RFID isn't really encrypted and the first generation devices don't have an on-off switch so your information is constantly transmitting that information. We recently did a post on a company Identity Stronghold and their product Secure Sleeves. They make passport and drivers licenses RFID protectant sleeves that the US government uses - and they didn't just use aluminum. We also came across a forum discussion were people were speculating. Some we're skeptical, feeling a little aluminum is all that's needed to block the RF signals, whereas a couple others wanted to try them out.

The good news is that we didn't find anything (yet) where someone says they suffered RFID theft while using Aluma Wallet. So that's good. And for the record, we haven't seen other complaints regarding the product, yet.

We'd love to know about your thoughts. Please, keep sharing!

(official affiliate link)

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