About Us

As Seen on TV Life was created because its authors & editors realized that after spending many, many years in the industry and a few months out that we really missed it. We didn’t just miss the products but everything that makes the As Seen on TV world the quick-paced carnival ride for which it is known.

For example, we missed:

  • The rush of getting a product to market by its media launch
  • The competitive marketing
  • The entertainment the products provide
  • The passionate, daredevil inventors
  • The larger-than-life events and shows

Most importantly, we miss those the cultic, crazy, wonderful die-hard As Seen on TV fans that never ceased to surprise us with their passion.

At the time of this writing, As Seen on TV Life has barely begun to take form. But as this little corner of the infomercial industry continues to grow, we hope to get back in touch with those fans we knew who live and breathe As Seen on TV. We welcome comments and emails regarding what you like, don’t like, wish to see, hope to avoid and whatever else comes to mind.

Hope to hear from you soon

- As Seen on TV Life